Chennai Travel Memories

Chennai is one of the four metro cities of India and it’s a Big Beaming city. My first visit to Chennai was about 6 years ago with my parents, it was actually a 2 nights extended trip over our two weeks long Kerala holiday. To tell you the truth, this extended trip was planned because my mum wanted to buy an ‘authentic’ kanjivaram saree and what best place could we vouch for apart from Chennai. So (Ladies especially for you) Tamilnadu is famous for it’s sarees, especially The Kanjivaram Sarees. So, this tour was planned only and only for generous shopping.

My father however is a very clever man, he suggested to go for a day trip to Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram, and Kanchipuram being the pedigree of Kanjivaram sarees since centuries, better to do a comfort shopping there. But, things at times just doesn’t go as we want them to. For some reason, the tour we had booked got cancelled, and we were given an option to go for an excursion to Pondicherry by the tour company. Having lost a lot of time already in these and ‘Pondicherry is a not a place to go for a day visit but to spend few days’ as believed by my father, we rebuffed such icky suggestion.

Dr. MGR Memorial Chennai

Doing so, we therefore had a whole day to roam across the city or do local shopping. My father took us directly to T Nagar, it’s the hippodrome for shopping in Chennai (Ladies, I hope you are making your notes!). You have the famous Nally and of course the five storeyed building of Chennai Silk (brace yourself before you enter this place, you can go crazy here) and many other good places to buy your sarees from. And there are quite few eateries in this area, chose a good sweet shop to try some Mysore pak, Almond milk and surely some Dosas as well.

SO in a way, that time I hardly saw anything of Chennai and around, my next visit was about 3 years back *** that too by a great deal of pestering by my friend and his lovely wife who are currently settled in the city. I wasn’t left with any other option but to say ‘Okay, I will buy the ticket and come’. Knowing the story a bit, my friend had already planned to take me to Mahabalipuram. I was asked to pack a pair of sneakers above everything and prepare myself for a day long walk (though this one thing I never need any intimation for!) and we were starving for days to eat some Red Snapper, it’s famous there.

Enough of food, shopping and sharing so much inside stories, I’m sure you are thinking ‘why don’t you do the job of a Travel Blogger now!’.. So, Next post will completely be dedicated on my Walk across Mahabalipuram. I pinky promise..

*** I am sorry to share some years old travel story with you. Considering the current situation, there will hardly be any Travel this year and I honestly didn’t want to lament on my travel plans being put off.  But my travel memories,  Chennai being one of them, is still so vivid and fresh and as I wasn’t a blogger back then, I thought to bring some tit-bits to you with the hope that this will give you a reason to smile for a while may be… (By the way.. You are allowed to share your views for anything you feel about this post).

A glimpse of Mahabalipuram assuring you of my promise

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