Revealing Book Cover- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

Hey You Amazing Reader..

How’s this Sunday treating you so far? Usually Sunday evening is the time I go to some silently inside-my-brain wailing mode, being the weekend is getting over, being another weekday is just few hours away and being the chilling holiday time is bidding Adios.. And this is no recent event, I have been doing this since childhood!! Yes, it’s a gone case, I know!!

But This Sunday has been so different for me, even different from Those Sundays when I am on a holiday knowing that ‘tomorrow’ is still a holiday. It’s my book release tomorrow and I wanted to share the first look of my very first E-Book with you.

I know It’s not that unworldly perfect, But every imperfection here is typically me. I wanted to put my tiny little affections even them being flawed in many ways, in this book; if this book cover brings a little glint around the corners of your eyes, I’m sure the back cover will make you smirk!!

There’s so much I want to share but all with time, I will come back tomorrow to share some more and ask a little from you..

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Till The Monday Blue hits you..

Turtle aka Payel

Special Thanks to @Blogchatter

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