Banana, Milk, Poha

**A #NoBlendSmoothie

A filler recipe, that too tasty.. That too no cooking.. and that too with some wanting flavours!! Are you kidding?? Is that even possible!!

You will say, of course, there are loads of such recipes!! Yes there are many, but this particular non-fat, no-harm has been my recent favourite.

I found this simplest of heart refreshing recipe of @NisaHomey and I love having it most of my evenings these days.

Couple of here & there tips for you:

  1. Don’t forget to add whole roasted peanuts, they add the crunch. You may add almonds or walnuts, but from my personal choice peanuts are unbeatable for this particular no blend #smoothie.
  2. I even tried it with oats, it worked well.
  3. In place of Coffee, even Unsweetened cocoa powder does wonder
  4. Add less dry fruits, keep it simple, it’s better like that.
  5. I don’t get red beaten rice easily at my place, so I have it with normal white beaten rice, which is not a problem at all.
  6. I like with warm milk, when my smoothies tastes better with cold milk, this one is good with lukewarm milk.

*** Sprucely placed little Warmth can be so comforting for feel good!!

Inspired by @NisaHomey

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