My First E-BOOK launch

Hello, My Dear Friend…

How have you been? How are you spending your time in the maze of those colourful brick walls?

I know we all are going through a tough and trying time and we are gagged inside our house like that little blue bird in her cage!! But Hey!! We are Human & we can handle everything, Right??

SO The best Mantra is not to lose your positivism and keep yourself going..

This hard time gave me so much time to spend with my own solace and I want to take this opportunity to Thank you from my heart for supporting me and being there with me..

Also, I wanted to share my little hopeful moment with you and surely I will ask for your ‘I’m there’ hand.. As I type this, I am very nervous to tell you about my upcoming debut book.. Yes, you read right.. My first ever E-book will be published on 25th May, 2020..

My fingers are frozen to write any further and I’m baffled to know your honest reaction, let me gather some more nerves and come back to you with more updates in some days time..

Till then, wishing your lovely family and you, Good Health!

Will be back soon,

Turtle aka Payel

Special Thanks to @Blogchatter Team

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