Book Review- You Are Blooming

By Swarnali Nath

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What is motivation for you? Is it somebody advocating you the meaning of life? Is it following those certain ‘to do lists’ to keep yourself charged up through out the day and pursue your goal of life?

A book that doesn’t talk any of this, but still pierces through your heart and brings those crestfallen moments out to the aesthetic and after that just points to the way of light.

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There are times, which are the darkest of our lives, which break us down, shatter us into pieces and then someone shows you, only the way of light… Author, blogger & ‘A dreamer by heart, a seeker by soul‘, Swarnali Nath has shown the path of Self-belief, self-motivation in her latest book ‘You Are Blooming’. There isn’t any word of detoxifying the body, daily stretch, good food or any guide of empowerment of life. There are words, talking courage, perseverance and will power.

The book isn’t a supporting hand to get you up on your foot, but its talk about the power within you; there’s nothing bigger motivation until a person is hopeful about him or her-self.

“Let the dawn of tomorrow wake up a story that is sleeping inside you, for years.”

The book has been written in a beautiful order. Where there are 21 chapters, divided in three sections which say ‘7 Days of Hope’, ‘7 Days of Beauty’, ‘7 Days of Grace’. And each chapter is actually a letter, where the writer addresses her readers as ‘Today I call you Storyteller’, ‘Today I call you Brave’, then ‘Sea’, ‘Fearless’, ‘Bloom’, ‘Fireball’ and so many more, which very easily grabs the attention to read the entire letter very neatly. Like the beginning, at the end as well, the writer addresses herself as a ‘storyteller’, ‘Undaunted’, ‘A broken star’, ‘Another seeker’ or ‘A storm’, even ‘Daughter of the Stars’, ‘The first light’ and what not and the reading feels so angelic.

"Dreaming needs faith, seeker. Before going to see a dream, you have to keep faith in yourself. You are courageous enough to make it true someday. Only brave people dare to dream. For you have
to chase your dream until the day you hold it in your arms."

The use of words are so brilliant and expressive, the emotions pouring out of them connect to the hearts, bringing the focus back to reality and makes one determined to turn around, fight back and live life with hope, dreams and positivity.

This book is recommended to every person who are or aren’t going through any hard time, as once or after all we all do go through a tough trying phase in our life. And we should never forget, “beyond everything deep down,” we all are blooming,

“Little by little, fill your empty soul with the beauty of life, with the light called hope and bring back the faith in your dream. Seek happiness in little things, and try to restore your lost smile to your bright face

Download a free copy of the book available till June 2020, Here.


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