Healthy Paneer Butter Masala

Hand-made Roti/ or Indian Flat bread is kind of a compulsion for me than a proclivity during dinner. It only becomes a preference when a bowl of drooling and appealing (this is very important) curry is served along the plate which is as eager to jump inside my shark mouth! However, my mum at times (these days almost most of the times) gives up to my irrational demand and points her finger to the kitchen!

‘Surprise me my Girl!’ says she with a translucent wily smile on her dazzling face! & how can I, being Her daughter put her down!

Paneer or Goat Cheese is one of my favourite ingredients to be served with Roti. So, there was plenty of it in the Kitchen and both my mum and I wanted to have something different than the usual simple curry she makes. So, I started looking for some suitable recipes and found this one. A simple, healthy- Cheat recipe.. And I was ready..

I almost followed everything in the recipe, only few small changes making it viable for me. Here are those details:

  1. Make the tomato puree at home. Boil the whole Tomatoes with 1 or 2 bay leaf and some water. I used little more water.
  2. While making the puree, discard the bay leaf. Don’t use the water while making the puree but don’t throw it, I used the water.
  3. Paneer: First, I dipped the small cubes of the paneer in luke-warm water for about 10 minutes. It makes the paneer tender. Then I shallow fried it in some oil and soaked any excess oil on the paneer with a kitchen paper.
  4. I didn’t add much Ghee in the Kadai, I added little ghee for the flavour (though its a butter masala recipe, but it has been substituted with Ghee) and there was little oil left in the pan, I cooked the dish on that kadai adding a little ghee.
  5. I used all the ingredients and spices as mentioned in the video like ground cashew powder, ginger-garlic paste, tomato pastes etc. For sweetener part, I am not a fan of Stevia, I used a little bit of honey (You can also use coconut sugar or rock sugar).
  6. I didn’t use the red chili powder, Instead I added two slit fresh green chilies, I love the smell of fresh green chilies.
  7. NOW, while adding the water, I used the stock I saved after boiling the tomato and a little bit of milk. (Apart from the cornstarch & milk mix)
  8. If you don’t have Kasuri Methi, it’s okay.. You can use fresh coriander leaves as a garnish. & that’s it..

You know what? you may end up having extra Roti with this curry.

Inspired by: @BeerBicep & @Cookingshooking

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