Book Review- The Morning Mist

By Mahesh Sowani

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A couple decides to take an early retirement and comes back to India to stay somewhere between the foothills of Himalayas and enjoy the rest of their life in peace. But for some reason, they change their plan a bit and settled down at a small town near Kolhapur. The house was little secluded from the main town and life was peaceful as they wished or like it seemed.

But things started changing after some time, what was supposed to be the middle aged couple’s abode of peace, it started tearing their peace apart. But what could be the reason? Was something spectral happening or was it someone’s deliberate action?

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A thrilling creation by Mahesh Sowani; his book ‘The Morning Mist’ did keep that childlike curiosity in me through out as to ‘and then?’ ‘then what?’. The book gets quite mysterious after the initial pages and it successfully keeps you hooked to the screen till you finish reading all the pages.

“Vinay opened his eyes. His face turned ashen on seeing what lay in front of his eyes. How? He wanted to ask. But words didn’t find a way to his mouth. Sulabha on the other hand was bubbling with excitement.

At one point or rather at the climax, the story-line compels you to demand ‘what all are happening?’ or ‘what was that?’ But as gradually the story continues, the mysteries unfurl slowly and one after the other, then everything becomes quite convincing.

If something was missing; at few places, the story required more explanation or some additional attention on detailing, as I wasn’t able to straighten the crease between my brows after the last page.

“So he walked towards the guest room and slept there. He got up somewhere around four with sleep still hanging on his eyes. He sauntered in the hallway, when he saw a woman dressed in orange robes sitting cross legged in the drawing room.”

But on a whole, the idea of creating a thriller plot is always commendable, and the author has put a lot of effort to make the story-line stand strong and which has been a favourably reasonable writing.

So a reader preferring horror, thriller and mystery, please grab a copy and bag another story in your collection.

Download a free copy of the Book available till June 2020 Here.

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