Book Review: Where Rainbow Meets The Sky

By Vidhi Duggal

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Meeting someone unexpectedly after two decades? That too with the person whom you once fell in love with? Does affection takes different route with the passing time? How easy or daunting can it be to stand in-front of that person after ages?

That’s way too many questions? Aren’t they? But won’t that be the usual? Doesn’t a heart swells with number of ‘whats’, ‘hows’, ‘buts’ and ‘whys’? All these have loads to do with the book I am writing the review for.

The book cover doesn’t give much apart from ‘The Dream Catcher’ which anyway gets a lot of attention to grab a copy and turn few pages. The second book by author, blogger and a freelance writer Vidhi Duggal, ‘Where Rainbow Meets the Sky’ has been an interesting pick.

“They wandered around the town going through the lanes

of Old Manali. Mehak would stop at almost every shop to

see the little trinkets more closely. Rahul wished for the

clock to stop ticking. He wanted to spend every second of

his life like this”

Rahul, a young, charming and just graduate went to Manali with his friends to celebrate their graduation, where he met ‘The Girl in the Blue Denim Jacket’ named Mehak who also had come to Manali for a vacation with her friends. But Rahul’s peaceful sleepy nights rolled over. Luckily as ‘Cupid Strikes’ they fell for each other and with the promise to keep in touch and meet each other when possible, they parted. However, right after the trip, Rahul couldn’t get a trace of the Mehak, and 20 years passed like that. Then one day Rahul’s search was over, and they met.

“Rahul had never forgotten that day which was etched in

his heart forever. After twenty long years, Rahul finally

got to see her. For a minute, he forgot where he was or

what he was doing.”

The book doesn’t just talk about what happened after that, the book also talks about what happened in Rahul’s life during these 20 years. To know all these, of course you have to read the book. What I liked about the book is, every character had some roll to play, they didn’t just come and go. The author didn’t keep the suspense of ‘what happened to him?’ or ‘what about them?’. Friends, family, everyone was involved in the story as much as the story-line required.

The story has been told in very simple words, and in simple way without much melodrama and which makes the protagonists just the fellows from the house next. To some extent the book demands to take lessons from our daily life and also to turn around even at the toughest time of your life.

If you love to hear stories, if you love small, simple stories, and if you love that tint of arching smile on your face after reading a book, just pick this book up.

Download a free copy of the book available till June 2020 Here.

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