Healthy Iced Mocha

The aroma of strong & bitter coffee always takes me to some unknown world of haze and food lullaby. Coffee is one of my favourite ingredients; we all know chocolate & coffee has its own cuddly love, but what happens when few drops of unalloyed French vanilla get in between them??

Cold coffee is my anytime summer favourite, a satisfying pleasure in the form of a flavoursome chiller, what more may I wish for in those baking days? Coffee is another word for nostalgia.. Do you agree? For me, Coffee reminds me of the number of different cafes I have explored so far, the decor, ambiance, the smell and taste of the coffee, everything matters when it comes to a good cup of coffee. And of course the ample of talk-laugh with your loved ones over cups of coffees? Right?

But things have changed so much now, all I want these days is tempting food which keeps the gut good!! And my hunt for healthy-tasty recipes is so desperately on..

This cold coffee or I should say Iced Mocha, was a great find and a greater deal. I loved how my lustful flavours came along, even my Mum was so impressed with this ‘ultimate product’ served in a glass!! “You should have made more” was what she had said!!

So Let’s get to the Recipe and make it quickly:

What do you need: (will serve One glass)

  • Good Coffee powder- teaspoon (as I prefer little bitter)
  • Unsweetened Coco powder – 3/4 tea-spoon
  • Dates (soak in milk)- 2-3
  • Milk – 1 glass, chilled
  • Almond- 2-3 soaked in water
  • Vanilla essence – 3/4 tea-spoon
  • Ice: 2-3 for sure, rest as many as you want


  • Peal the skin of the almonds, and add the almonds, dates with some milk in the blender; blend them to a smooth paste.
  • Then add the ice, milk, coco powder, coffee powder and blend them well.
  • Once you are happy with the consistency, add the vanilla essence and whip the mixer once again.
  • And that’s it, serve it in a glass and enjoy, You may add more ice in the glass if you want or you may sprinkle some grated dark chocolate on the top.

Enjoy your Summer days!!

Inspired by @Kavita’sCreativity

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