Easy Rava Dosa

Dosa is kind of a not-gaining-much-tummy-fat-but-still-having-outside-food indulgence to me, when hungry many times I have had 2 giant dosas at a time. Can you believe that?! Dosa is an almost ‘No Guilt’ pleasure for me and mostly this one dish I eat out with my family. Or occasionally even if I am making dosa at home, it’s the instant batter bought from the super market which does the hard-work.

Due to the lockdown across the world, life has taught us to take one step further every day in our capacity. I started this ‘healthy food blog’ and I am trying something or the other every week, to keep my food crave calm and satisfied; and this teaches me to share the nitty-gritty of my practical experience with you.

I actually had to go through few trial and error batches before I could find a simpler solution for the problem I was facing trying this recipe. I have to agree I couldn’t follow this recipe to it’s T! The runny watery batter wasn’t just working for me.

So to get A crispy, Thin But non-lacy (I couldn’t get that designer lacy texture) Dosa, below was what I did:

  1. Apart from the water, I mixed all other ingredients as per the proportions instructed by the chef. (Only I used Whole Wheat flour in place of plain flour)
  2. Water: I actually used half the water against what the chef has advised, i.e. around 2 cups of water.
  3. I did try with the runny batter at first, but it wasn’t coming together at all, forget getting to flip the Dosa! So I added little more wheat flour in the batter (depending on the thickness of the batter I was comfortable with, so the batter wasn’t completely water-thin but little thicker than that)
  4. So I used equal quantity of Whole wheat flour to the Rava (Semolina) & Rice Flour. That did the work for me.
  5. While making the Dosa, you have to be patient till the center of the dosa batter is turning brown on the tawa. Making a whole bunch of Dosa will take a lot of time, but once in a while it’s ok to try this recipe.

Coconut Chutney:

I did added all the ingredients for the chutney like Coconut, roasted Chana Dal (Split Chickpeas), green chilies, salt & I also added some roasted peanuts and little black pepper into the chutney. The taste of peanuts blended with coconut, makes the chutney little toasty, it’s gets into your taste-buds. So do use the the peanuts if it’s one of your favourite ingredient. And of course don’t forget the Tadka of mustard, chana Dal, I also used few Urad dal (Black gram lentils but white in colour), curry leaves & one whole red chili. That’s the icing for the Tadka.

DO share your feedback after you try it.. Happy Eating!!

Inspired by @Bharatzkitchen

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