Healthy Easy Chutneys for Dosa

Winter makes me a thick heavy shrinking spud, all I want is to get under my warm comfy blanket and be there as long as possible, and that’s it. I know, most of you must be thinking how doltish I am that I can’t even enjoy few months long cold weather.. mostly I JUST can’t!! Winter gives me shivering vibes, all the time!! SO most of the day-night-evenings I hardly feel like making something different, trying new recipes..

But again I do like having something different. I do crave for new interesting food all the time, my energy is never in sync with my heart you seeee!! This was one such survival winter supper idea for me.. If you too get slouchy like me at times.. it can be your option too. Here I am sharing the recipes of two chutneys, for Dosa check my older post.

Before we start two different chutneys, few things I kept same for both. Let’s get that ready first.

  • Take a pan, add some oil (white oil/ peanut oil/ olive oil)
  • Take 1:1 Urad dal (skinless black lentil) & Chana dal (Split chickpea), few pods of garlic (like 3-4), 3-4 green chilis
  • stirs them well, after few minutes, take one portion of this fried dal off the pan, keep it aside and let it cool.

Peanut chutney:

  • Take one cup of dry roasted peeled peanuts, put them in a mixer grinder, add that portion of fried dal kept aside, add little salt and little water (quantity of water depends on the consistency you are looking for; I wanted them creamy so didn’t add a lot of water at a time). (** I didn’t use tamarind here, but you may use little tamarind)
  • Make a paste of these, pour it a bowl and keep aside.

Tomato Chutney:

  • For the tomato chutney, take the other portion of the dal still being fried on the pan, add little grated ginger, stir for a bit,
  • Then add some chopped tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes till it’s getting soft and mushy.
  • Let them cool.
  • Once cold, drop them in the mixer grinder, add little salt, water and make a creamy paste. (again using tamarind is up to you)
  • Pour it in a bowl.


My tampering is always same for any chutney, it’s making things easy and taking shortcuts as usually!!

  • So take a small pot, add some oil (you may use coconut oil), add a pinch of Hing, some dried red chilis, mustered seeds, also do add some curry leaves (they weren’t available when I was craving for them!!), let them pop, ooze their aroma and add a spoon full of them on each chutney.
  • And they are ready to serve.

What you can do is, keep the chutneys ready before head or may be a day before, if you are planning to make dosa; as it is, it takes time and some patience to make one dosa, then another, then the other.. you know what I mean right?

The lady of the house love the peanut chutney, however I loved the tomato and the head of the family was quote pleased with the later.. Bullseye!!

Inspired by @Hebbar’s Kitchen

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