Book Review: Dread

By Aseem Rastogi

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How creepy or sinister you prefer your stories to be? Does creepy always relates to those unseen flimsy spirits or it’s the fear of the unforeseen unknown? Words are well utilised when the writer’s thought come alive in the expression penned down.

This Book review is for ‘Dread’ by Aseem Rastogi.

A well established published Author Aseem Rastogi is very distinctive with his vision of writing and conveying his thought to his readers with the exact use of vocabulary. His current book ‘Dread’ consists of 5 very small stories but the smaller the stories, more spine chilling they are.

All the stories move around a normal human’s life and just one single twist, the story-lines are turning upside down. Gripping are each story, with crisp portrayal of the plots and characters and leaving behind so many unanswered questions. The stories are quite moving as to, after each story, you will every-time check your surroundings to reassure yourself, ‘It’s just a story and I am still under a safe roof’. Nothing has gone wrong with the storytelling in this book. They talk about the human emotion at the peak of it’s extremity, the dead end climax of the stories is what gets the attention of a readers.

He had just begun walking when the street lights went off. As a chill ran down his spine, he
increased his pace. Almost immediately, he heard loud bells ringing in the temple which was farther
away. As he turned around to look at the main gate of his office, he was stunned to see that it was
locked and there was no sign of the security guards he had just passed by minutes ago.

To know what happened after that, grab a copy of this book…

‘The Night That Was’ & ‘Dark Places’ have been my favourite stories in this Book. Fan of thriller/ horror (by which I don’t mean ghost or zombie) or not, this book deserves a read for everyone.

Download your free copy of the book available till June 2020 here

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