Healthy Mango Lassi

Sometimes even a tongue frosting Ice cream isn’t enough for me to temporarily defeat the sticky heat, though agreeing to the fact that the presence of this cold comfort is proportionate to the time duration of the ice cream remaining in the bowl! Was that complicated?! However the point is, I have a magic recipe for such rescuing cooee..

Curd is my favourite through out the year, it gets more special during summer. At the same time, Mango as called the ‘king of fruits’ is a juicy, relishing summer fruit & together, both these ingredients create life saving magic potion which we call Mango Lassi & you don’t need to run around looking for a cauldron!

So, I will share 2 recipes with you, both are super simple and super savoury & Summer saving (I meant it let you enjoy the Summer better!). Starting with the Easiest one first. I got this recipe from @NisaHomey. You only need ripe yellow sweet mango and chilled curd.

Peel the mangoes (to serve 2 person, take at least 3 mangoes), cut them into small pieces and place them in the blender (of course you know that you have to discard the big seed of the mango) and add 1+1/2 glass of plain chilled curd. And simply blend them to a fine creamy smoothie. (I didn’t use cardamom, as for me it would distract my taste of lassi, but it’s upto you). If the mango is sweet and ripe, you then, don’t need to use any extra sweetener. Now if you don’t want your lassi to be very thick, them add some cold water but in that case you may need to add a bit of sweetener (Use some honey in that case if required & taste before serving). That’s it your simple Mango lassi is ready to enjoy and it’s wholesome.

2nd Mango Lassi:

Now I took inspiration from @CookwithFem and tried another recipe of Mango Lassi, but I took only few ingredients from it. Lazy! Lazy I am!!

Along with sweet ripe mango and plain curd, I used saffron and crushed peanut. That’s it. I didn’t want to grate carrot and get the juice of it, or taking the hassle of making the paste of almond, I went with an easier way to get a little different taste in my lassi and luckily it worked really well. The aroma of saffron was lightly active with the mango, which seemed very interesting, the saffron didn’t overpower the taste of the mango or curd, but had a tinge of smell, My point is, add just a little saffron and let the ingredients work well together. So if you want to try a little different Lassi, please try this recipe then.

As I keep asking, do share some of your after thought.. How did it go? Did you make any change in the recipe?

Inspired by @NisaHomey & @CookwithFem

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