Book Review- Five Petals

By Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

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Is Life really a steep ride of roller-coaster? How about you falling in love with a secretive person? How about what you think to be ignorance is actually your life’s lesson? Can love stand firm in those darkest of moments? And lastly how’s life during this lock-down? Have you been noticing any new improvement in you during this time?

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What all these different questions have to do with each other? Nothing. These are the base of a new Ebook ‘Five Petals’ by Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu.

Five stories, five completely different diegesis and how do they connect with any normal being, is the essence of this book. The simplicity of the stories, in many aspect will relate with some or the other’s life which many times, we tend to ignore or may be don’t discuss much, will leave you silently thinking. These stories are today’s fables with some soft touch of learning.

‘Dream or Nightmare’ and ‘Neetu & Aja’ were my favourite stories in this book. Especially the letter in one of the stories. The stories were short, precisely told with lucid narration and can be read by anyone.

What I was missing in the book would be, a little more involvement with the characters or to make it more simple, a little more drama, which could have been more involving.

But as I said the stories were truly engrossing in terms of their storyline and the message the author wanted to part out with them. I say, do give it a try to know simple human life more, learning to keep life’s mantras simple & who knows you may come across something unusual from it.

Download your free copy of the book available till June 2020 here.

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