Book Review- A Season of Hope

BY Aanandika Sood

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Does life give any second chance? At what point? And does that make any sense then? Do we, as a human being even understand that we are getting another moment in our favour which we already had forgotten to expect? Emotion is quite an illusionist… Do you agree?

A wedding ceremony brings two lost school mates together after ages. While both have been engaged in their own lives all these while, they both have had come over their whilom impediments after some struggle, at the other hand. And what goes after that? Do they recognise each other? Do they have space in their lives for another new commitment? What these characters are actually going through after meeting this unexpectedly? That’s what the book ‘A Season of Hope’ is all about.

There are times when nothing goes wrong in a story, where everything is told just the way needed; when you can see and feel every character; when they become very own to you … That’s when it’s a satisfactory reading. Right? This is what I felt while reading ‘A Season of Hope’ by Aanandika Sood. The story is so well built, at times you feel the agitation, the pain the individuals are going through, the author has portrayed the plot flawlessly. Of- course, there is drama as the author has agreed herself to her affection for Bollywood, which gives some layer to the story and Indian story demands that anyway.

"He was afraid of losing her but if she thought that her happiness was with someone else he would not bother her with his own sentiments."

If something I wanted little more, I wanted the end of the story to prolong a bit and tell the reader what happened then, and then, and after that!! But as you understand, that’s completely a ‘let’s not end this so soon’ sort of greed was telling me.. Otherwise, I recommend this book to everyone who loves drama, emotion and go lost with the characters. Do give this book a heartful read.

“His eyes involuntarily sought the one person for whose sake alone he had bothered to comeAmrita. Then he caught sight of her. She was wearing a plain black sari with a wide green border.”

This book is available for Free download till June 2020, here

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