Healthy Mango Lassi

Sometimes even a tongue frosting Ice cream isn’t enough for me to temporarily defeat the sticky heat, though agreeing to the fact that the presence of this cold comfort is proportionate to the time duration of the ice cream remaining in the bowl! Was that complicated?! However the point is, I have a magic recipe for such rescuing cooee..

Curd is my favourite through out the year, it gets more special during summer. At the same time, Mango as called the ‘king of fruits’ is a juicy, relishing summer fruit & together, both these ingredients create life saving magic potion which we call Mango Lassi & you don’t need to run around looking for a cauldron!

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Choco Coffee Smoothie

I love the aroma of coffee but black coffee doesn’t convince me and beaten coffee scares me to sugar. I love chocolate, the dark chocolate to be more specific, but to me, the bitterly ones doesn’t complement the fuller glazing smell of it and the sweet ones are just very sweet for my tongue. then comes, oats; porridge isn’t something I could fancy in my life.. So, I did what I could do best.

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