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Today it’s about a realisation, leading to confession, helping into affirmation and finally an impactful implementation. I am talking about my fitness spree. I never found Yoga to be my cup of tea, coffee or just warm water. Though I knew Yoga practice builds, improves, balances various imparity of a human body, still I could never convince myself to practice Yoga. One of the reasons could have been this form of exercise is in existence since Vedic civilisation began, too old for a 21st century girl.. Not ‘Cool’ at all.. Just put your hands up in Namaste and bend left, inhale, then exhale then stand straight, follow the same to your right.. I mean, how cool can you feel in that, right!!

So once this ‘stay fit, get fit’ hymn started drumming my ears, and free of cost inside home regime wasn’t taken seriously at all, I joined a Gym, you know a full big bare floor of a building completely dedicated to simple, classy decoration.. One side of the room completely glass walled, there’s light everywhere, loud music and so many hefty buffalo size equipment. I loved them all.. Running on the treadmill at the speed of 10-11 was so fun, then cycling, jump squats, lunges.. doing leg press with my equal body weight would make me so proud. Squats with smith machine was my favourite, pulling weight would make feel so strong. It was all fitness I was chasing and so was my gym, tugging me every single morning.

7 months and I had already discussed to get my routine changed to a little tougher one, as I wanted to have that tight flat core so much in trend right now! Trainer agreed, another 20 days and a new routine would take place. But… but before all these could take place, world came to a halt, so did the gym until further notice, but the fitness routine had to go on without those hefty transformers. Internet came to a big rescue. There were 30 days, 7 days fitness challenge videos everywhere. And I got my doses taken from them. As days passed Youtube gave more varied options to not stop the fitness regime at all. But in order to squeeze all these side lunges, back kicks, crawls and everything, I only had a free space of 5.5 ft by 2.5 ft in the house. Free hand got combined with few yoga poses then. The day I first tried my down-ward dog pose, there was an unknown sensation inside the nerves, brain seemed to be waiting to be in this position for so long, finally it had found it’s apex, the bent back was finally resting and the hands were shaking so bad!


Hold on.. I have been dodging with weights for all these months and this bare minimum look-down pose is taking my breath out!! What is this? The next few days, trying few more yoga poses, explained everything. Lifting weight at gym maybe very cool, but not being able to lift your own body weight isn’t cool at all! With some more time the belief became compelling, not only I could lift my own body weight slowly, I was getting flexible everyday.. I mean it really made me ashamed the day the fingers stopped 3 inches before the ankle and back was so stubborn to bend forward, forget coming close to my knees! More surfing the internet showed different levels of Vinyasa with such ‘Cool’ body lifting asanas!

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

Not only that.. brain feels little sorted than before, pains gone, monthly crams almost ok to deal with and the best part is.. when various bone joints without any effort makes sound like.. Tak tak tak..  I then love my yoga even more. The bigger realisation however has been something different. There are many ways to stay fit, but really very few to stay WELL. Fitness is a part of wellness, whereas wellness is lot more than fitness. It’s about bringing your body, mind and soul together and keeping all of them in an alignment of happy & healthy being forever.

By this post I am not suggesting anything to you.. I just shared my apprising experience as some may need this before making his or her decision! Someone will look for it right?

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