Make Small Little Changes to Live Healthy- Part I

Simple Healthy Food Habits // Simple Healthy Living // Daily Good Habits for a Healthy Life//

Choose simple and Natural ways of living.. Will that keep you away from doctors, medicines, anxiety??

Mostly NO!

Then, to some extent?

Most definitely.. and with all assurance to a great extent!

You Will need the help of a doctor, medicines in this fast-moving and un-scheduled world of yours, I agree, but your rigorous lifestyle, unhygienic food habits cannot substitute your good health. You have to take up something good and let go of some non-essentials to have a balanced and healthy and a ‘FIT’ life.

You may go to the gym, you may do 50 push-ups at a time or 70 squats in a day, you may dance for 2-3 hours every day, but everything comes down to how do your intestines, lungs, liver, kidney feels by the end of the day? Are you keeping them happy?


Even your gym instructor will tell you to concentrate on your food habits? Usually, it’s 60% food and 40% of our lifestyle that make us healthy.. Isn’t it? Now today’s post.. it’s not about food, it’s about making small little changes in your daily habit and with them making some serious differences. Good differences of course.

There are various ways to do it.. today I am focusing on a healthy lifestyle in an absolute pocket-friendly way and with things, easily available in our households and my personally tried-tested-believed methods. Ready??

Healthy Detox Water with daily available Spices:

Spices?? Aren’t they used for daily cooking? Making Masala mixes/ or giving the first tadka to initiate your dish for the day? Do Not.. I say just DO NOT underestimate the power of our centuries-old Indian Spices Man!!

Cumin: For bloating, digestive upset, indigestion problems:

Cumin is something, which is available in every Indian household and you should make it handy for your anytime use. If you are not Indian and reading this post, firstly Thank you little more than others and to you too, keep cumin as a handy weapon like us from now on.

  1. Have Cumin water every morning empty stomach as your first detox drink for the, chew some of those soaked cumin before drinking the water if you want.
    • If you are having severe low abdominal pain for bloating (Sometimes it really gets severe, you can’t move, walk sit properly) cumin helps a lot in such times. Cumin really works as magic.
    • Quickly make a cup cumin tea.. boil a table spoon of cumin with some water, let it boil for 3-5 minutes. Drink it while warm and you will see the pain, pressure is moving down to your colon and disappears from there, sometime you feel the urge to go to the toilet, which is really good to dispose off everything baneful & unnecessary from your system.
    • Also, if you don’t have time to make cumin tea, take a pinch of cumin powder or ¼ teaspoon of raw cumin, chew it well and have a glass of luke-warm water. You will feel the instant result. You will feel light and in seconds the pain, uneasiness will just be gone.
    • ALSO.. add cumin to your daily diet from now on. How??
      • 2-3 times in a week have cumin tea. OR
      • Prepare cumin detox water (In a glass or jar of 250-500 ml, add some normal drinking water, add 1-2 teaspoon of raw/ un-roasted cumin, cover the glass and let it soak overnight, in the morning strain the water and drink that water. You may chew some of the soaked cumin or keep the cumin to use in your cooking later that day). OR
      • 30 minutes after lunch, take a pinch or ¼ teaspoon of cumin, chew it and have half or 1 glass of luke-warm water. And there won’t be any bloating problem in your life.

Trust me, even I have this same problem, cumin always comes to my survival, and I regularly keep cumin in my diet.

Lemon Water:

Another magic potion to relieve your bloating problem. The widely available advice is, squeeze 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water, add little honey to it and drink it empty stomach. This not only helps to get rid of bloating, but it is also a very good drink for weight loss, toning the body, and overall good health – good gut.

BUT.. not everyone can take a whole lemon, it’s too sour for some that the whole day you feel the sourly taste of lemon, then the teeth gets some sourly sensation throughout the day.. then having this drink empty stomach may cause indigestion or acidity to some. Then what to do??

First piece of advice.. know the capability of your own body, it may not get accustomed to what someone else can. Meaning?

For example, your very own ‘ME’ again:

  1. I drink lemon water 3 times a week.
  2. I have this drink after breakfast.
  3. I take 1/3 slice of the whole lemon, squeeze in a glass of luke-warm water, with just a tinge of honey and drink it.
  4. In that way, the lemon water isn’t too sour for me (that’s my problem)
  5. The lady of the house (my mother, in case you don’t know) doesn’t get any acidity.

Lemon water really flushes out all unnecessary disposables from your body and you feel it in your gut, doesn’t matter you face a bloating problem or not!! You will fall in LOVE with lemon water if you follow my tips.

As I kept on writing.. I realised this one post is getting too long for one read.. so let’s start with these tips and come back next week again, as I have more to share with you. I am sure you will find these helpful because they are logical, sensible and very scientific.

See you next week.. till then take care.

Food Habit is just a part of wellness.. Here’s a post on my realisation of Wellness.

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