Make Small Little Changes to Live Healthy- Part II

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If you are reading this then I am assuming.. just an imaginative assumption.. maybe quite a blurred version of it.. so continuing… I am assuming, you did read my last post as well!! Yayyy!! Ooh, you didn’t? Then You have to read that one first 😦 .. Hey hey.. I was joking.. You can still start with this one and maybe after that read the previous one.. Does that make a deal? A cool deal!! I Know! I know negotiation!! Mehh!!

So.. How was the last post? Did you try any of those tips? Was it helpful? You can always let me know, or if you have any suggestions for me.. I would love to add it to my to-do list.

So I gave some easy options for Detox water.. here are some more detox water ideas for you. I have them on a regular basis, they are quite effective:

  1. You may soak Fenugreek overnight and can have the water empty stomach
  2. You may do the same with Fennel, Coriander as well.
  3. I also have equal quantity of Fenugreek & Fennel soaked in the same jar overnight and have the water the day next.
  4. You can even have carom seeds the same way.

What else??

Green Tea:

Green tea is very good for your health, Instead of a teabag if you can get tea leaves, it’s even better. Whenever I travel, I always carry some green tea with me, if I get some tea maker or hot water, it’s easy to make my green tea and have it.

When at home, I prefer adding some natural flavours to my green tea than spending money on flavoured green tea available in stores. How??


Take a pot of water, let it come to a boil, add some pounded ginger or whole clove/ cardamom/ cinnamon/ ½ inch of liquorice stick/ 1 bay leaf/ basil leaves/ star anis (any one of them or a combination of 2-3 ingredients of your choice, you know your taste buds better), boil the spices for 2-3 minutes and turn the heat off. Now add some green tea leaves and cover the pot for 15-20 minutes. & Voila…  your fresh, flavourful, healthy and expensive green tea is ready. Enjoy the colour, taste, aroma of the tea and your body will laugh at joy for the goodness you are giving it.


Some of you may face it, if you have a concoction/ potion made of ginger or ginger tea before bed, you may have constipation the next morning. In that case, don’t have any drink where ginger is dominating just before bed. You should have it during the day, in the evening or before dinner but not as the last thing before going to bed. Clear?

And finally:

These small little changes will keep your body healthy to your gut, but along with this, you must:

  1. Start eating well.. I know it’s difficult to stay away from those deep fried chicken wings, double cream pastries.. but think of the long run. Think of having them till you turn 70 than ogling with a salivating face to the people enjoying a double truffle pastry where you would be helpless for high blood Dugar level.. God Forbid. Eat in such a way that you can live long and enjoy longer.. what else do you want me to tell you??
  2. Add 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water in your daily diet. Lukewarm doesn’t mean boiling hot, lukewarm is, when you put your finger inside the lukewarm water it should feel comforting that immediately removing your finger about to burn.
  3. Also 8-10 glasses of water/ 3 litres of water daily you need to consume. To monitor how much water you are drinking, have your separate bottles in the house (in our house, all members have their dedicated jug/bottles) which others are forbidden to touch forget using.
  4. A bit of exercise won’t take your life away.. not necessarily it has to be gym, running on trade-mill.. do little yoga, dance a bit, try zumba.. or.. okay just walk everyday for just 30 minutes!! Is it that hard? Take out some time for a brisk walk.. Buy some yellow sneakers for motivation maybe?
  5. Little meditation.. not necessarily it has to be spiritual, opening your third eye or something, just give yourself some time, understand your breathing, listen to your own heart beat.. it makes ‘some’ difference.. I can’t tell you what difference.. you have to decide what difference you want in your life (Don’t think of diamonds/ Gucci/ Armani.. there are other things!! Am I a preacher or what!!)!

NOW another thing (hopefully last for this post)! Spices are good for your health, BUT they are really strong, so have a proper quantity of them.. don’t gobble buckets full of them.. REMEMBER too much good can also be harmful to you. Keep having them on a rotation basis, sometimes don’t have them for few days (Once/ twice a week I don’t follow any of these detox drinks. I keep my diet simple, but a little different than rest of the week).. don’t make your body accustomed to one particular routine. 

And These ‘Small’, ‘Little’ changes, ‘some’ differences stays with you for long, really long.. this is for your own good.. not to impress anyone else, not to shut those blabbering bullies .. this is for the love of yourself.. As I believe and live by it, I will tell you as well.. LOVE YOURSELF above everything.. In that way, you can love others more than you can think of. This is a realisation, my friends.. I have been where you are today.. don’t trust me.. trust your instincts. Let it show you the path and follow it.

Now after 2 long posts the question maybe.. will these changes, change your entire life? A. Again, I am Not preaching any religion here, I am just trying to share my practical experience with you as my problems aren’t abnormal, it’s very common among every human being living in this now-over-populated planet. B. sometimes excessive usage of medicine bring side effects, and when we have better option available which not only cures one but many other health issues at a time, then why not switch to them?

But again.. I may sound convincing but I cannot convince you, until you, yourself can convince your own self to make these changes. All you need is determination or maybe suffer really hard before learning a life or death lesson.. Choice is yours.. you are precious, so is your beautiful life.. Make it count.

I Love hearing from you.. Do type your views underneath.. Happy You.. Happy life!!

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