Break Rules for A Better Health!!!

Make Small Little Changes to Live Healthy- Part IV

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Break Rules to be Healthy!! What on earth is this?? 3 consecutive posts on healthy living.. healthy eating.. healthy tips to have a fit body and fine life.. then a looong God-knows-where-she-is absence.. and then all this health-freak has to say is ‘Break rules’!!! What’s happening here? Who’s going to believe her? Where did she go to bury her senses?? Leave this page right away…


Okay for the sake of my readership, coming straight to the point before you really click on the cross sign!! So.. we follow a proper routine to live a healthy life, we eat right and well, we exercise a bit, say no to people who gorge on street foods, keep giving excuses to save ourselves from restaurant food until 31st Night to the people who live their life on chef’s special menus, we are just the #livewell nerds!!

BUT even then sometimes things just don’t click, no matter how strictly you follow your meal plan, workout routine, things just do not work the way we want them to. Say indigestion.. at times they literally are the living ghosts in your life, like the sticky gum you can’t just scrub them off your gut; stress.. no matter how calm you want to be, how sorted you want to be, your mind is just so disturbed or occupied even with the grainy small things.. Periods.. how to keep it off the list!! some months seem like.. It’s the same routine, same food habit I am following, life just as bland as boiled potato, even then how come this month there’s this bloody cram? How come there’s this tiredness, this mood swing, uneasiness? Doesn’t this happen to you? Think about it.. observe your body, it’s out-of-your-control behaviour, you will find at times nothing works.. just No. Other. Thing. Wants. To. Work!!

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What does this mean then? This means your body is stressed out and it needs a change. You may not realise it as your mind most probably is adjusting to all the sudden changes or your emotional fluctuations, but your body at times just gives up, it noiselessly bangs for a change, temporarily of course but it cries for it..

What to do then? The best thing is to take a break from your daily routine and travel for a while.. it’s the best remedy your body can have. The change of food habits, having a bit of outside food, skipping meals sometimes or untimely eating, skipping your daily exercise, accommodating in new weather, a new environment, meeting or looking at a new set of people, living their life for some time.. all these sudden changes affects your body to bring the balance back.

How’s that possible??

Look at it like this, sometimes our body takes our daily habits for granted and stops responding to our effort the way we want. In that case, we need to point to our body that, ‘ listen my dear bulging belly (very appropriate in my case), liver, gut, and brain, I am doing enough to last you long without any help from those pharmaceutical companies or the medical practitioners, I am taking way too much care for the heart beating normally without any electronic shock, so you better listen to me and respond to my healthy intakes, otherwise how long will you last with those fat dripping biryanis or extra cheesy burgers?”

And once you come back from your holiday, you will find your body is responding to your regular routine once again. You will even find that while on a holiday, away from your fast life, your body responds in a good way.

Saying this, by change I do not mean having double cheese pizza, extra large Sundays, double patty burger.. no no no.. Just a little change of cuisine, eating the locals’ everyday local food, walking on the streets of the new place, relaxing a bit, not doing anything for some time, all these bring the balance back in your body.

Now question can be, not all of us can go for a holiday whenever we want or however we want! True., if you can’t travel, then do something which you love doing a lot, which you don’t get to do on a regular basis.. Maybe take a day off, go for a movie, pamper yourself, sleep an extra hour. Ask your partner to take care of the baby for a day, or let household help not come for a day and you just relax for a day doing whatever you feel good about.. it’s a ‘break rule’ rule, so whatever gives you pleasure, satisfaction of mind, just do that.. again by this I don’t mean you are after someone’s life and you should be proud of!

Just going a little off the balance, can bring your body back on track at times. So nothing drastic but a temporary change gives a good lesson to your body. What says will you observe your body behaviour more carefully now? And most importantly are you ready to break some rules now??

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