Make Small Little Changes to Live Healthy- Part III

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Let’s understand Wellness today??

Firstly.. with all my heart, soul, and the part of my brain which still can differentiate between logic and emotion, I want to thank all of you for giving so much love to this small series of ‘Healthy Living’. I am heart-warmingly glad. Your motivation is my inspiration… Thank you so much..


Now .. today let’s talk about ‘Wellness’! ‘Do I need to join any expensive online course for this?’ ‘Do I need to go to a weekend wellness camp to learn how to eat less?’ I am no one to comment on how should you spend your money? I am an always-running-low-in-finance person who somehow manages her only one account/ debit card (with no ‘s’) with utter austerity.

I can only talk about my simple, no budget regular habits. So, let’s start with grass-root basics. What is wellness?? Whatever keeps you well, or whatever helps you to keep or be well, that should define wellness in simple words?

I know what’s going on inside your head.. A big fat piece of luxurious chocolate pastry takes my breath away, a whole medium size extra pepperoni pizza makes me the happiest!! I wanted to say ‘Listen’.. but as you are reading, this is void.. so firstly come down on this earth, READ this carefully now.. the word ‘Wellness’ is lot bigger than that petit imagination of your dominant tummy’s craving!! You get that?

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Wellness is being well/ feeling good from mind, body, and soul. This is theory and difficult to implement or difficult to understand what exactly does this mean, you will say.. of course, why not.. all you can think of is your ice-creams, double cream hot chocolate with extra marshmallows but anything better!! But I am NOT here to lecture you.. I will share my daily habits, few nitty-gritty with you so you can think of motivating yourself a bit more.. agreeable? Better make it now..

I talk about healthy food habits a lot, rather I share healthy food recipes quite a bit these days.. the purpose is not to lose your interest in a healthy lifestyle. Our notion about healthy habits means it has to be very hardcore and monotonous; it takes away your interest from the exciting routine we are so used to of (like every now and then binging, skipping meals, sleeping longer than usual etc. etc). If you really start practicing or try to make simple routine, no matter how slowly you start, you will realise the unfortunate stigma it’s labelled with.

A healthy lifestyle can be very very interesting and very indulging.. trust me.

Let’s start with food..

What’s healthy food habit? Eating boiled-blunt food? No oil- no salt, no sugar at all? Absolutely not!! Healthy eating is consuming or extracting maximum nutritional value from the food we are eating without compromising much on the taste, texture of the cooking. Can’t we have biryani? Pancake? Dessert? Hot chocolate? All possible, only making a few little adjustments, like using less oil and ghee in biryani, using wheat flour instead of refined flour in pancake, using sugar substitute like jaggery, coconut sugar, brown sugar instead of refined sugar.. is it that tough? It’s not right? Umm.. will they taste exactly like the restaurant food? If you stop comparing, then they taste so good that you won’t think of having restaurant food. You just have to be little more acceptable to these changes.. little changes are good if that costs you lesser medicines, fewer pathology tests, hardly any visit to the doctors (now if the doctor is a smoking hot one.. then it can be a problem!!).. be up for it.. stop only looking for Vedic lifestyle or this or that, it all around you?

Changing your food habit brings the changes and motivation you may need to proceed further.. Continue a good food habit for about 10 days.. you won’t need me anymore (but I will need to know your experience if you may spare some time!) These are not just words.. coming from practical experience..

After which, let’s get active!!

Yes.. I am talking about physical activity.. followed by mental activity. Your physical health is equally and directly proportionate to your mental health. How?? Look at you.. I have to answer to this as well?? Well slouching in your office desk or on your bed like me, isn’t going help you at all? Do something to unclog your brain, clear your head, to release your stress, tension. You will have something or the other coming in your daily life, but you have to deal with them all. Being physically active will give you more mental strength to tackle them with more ease. So let’s enroll in the gym now.. get ready for squats and rowing!! Offff.. I said physically active, I didn’t say physic that attracts (even that’s something to consider!)! Active means a half an hour walk with a free mind, some simple exercise, some simple yoga postures, dancing a bit.. there are so many ways to remain active without shading your pocket. Youtube may come to your help to learn few simple yoga, dance, exercises. Don’t even think of giving excuses, half an hour can always be managed.. wake up 30 minutes before your usual time, it’s always mindful. Come out of that comfort zone. (I tell this to myself every day for so many things)

This is optional.. but effective.. & don’t run away right now!!

Meditate. Not necessarily those spiritual, chakra cleansing, third eye opening.. that’s too heavy and different aspect of meditation.. just sit quietly for 5-10 minutes, tune in some soft music, take deep breathes, align with your breathing for a while, try to listen to your heartbeat through your breathing. It’s a mindful feeling. The sense of being alive, living the day.. it makes you grounded, it gives you the sense of gratitude. And it’s a wonderful feeling. Trust me, sometimes you don’t need those break and build programmes to join, it’s all in you, you have to listen to yourself, and you can’t do that until you give yourself the time to listen to yourself. These words may seem confusing, certain things, my lovely lovely readers are meant to be realised from within. No one can help but you.

There’s one more thing.. which is as per me the ultimate yet the toughest most ingredient to wellness..

Ready? It’s Self Assessment. Judging yourself. Knowing your good-bad and accepting them. And work on yourself accordingly. Seems easy? You know, the toughest thing about a person is always accepting your own flaws, rectifying them is secondary or comes lot later. It’s not easy to identify one’s own flaws, then accepting them & talking about them to others.. but listen to me here, the more you accept, more you become easy about it, and more you would want to correct those flaws. Is it easy to correct them? no way it is, but accepting them and going with them along with trying to suppress them makes you lighter within. The easy you are, easier it gets to deal with it.

In more simple words, stop complaining about everything all the time, it will take you nowhere.. rather if there is a problem/issue.. get away with it as soon as possible, find a solution if there is any otherwise just let it be.. your complaint won’t solve anything in this world.. rather look for the silver line always.. it keeps you positive, it keeps you going.

Getting angry is normal, feeling low is normal, losing hope at times is normal.. you are not God.. even God may feel like this at times I am sure.. otherwise how does he inflict all these emotions in us?? SO my point is not being positive all the time is very much possible, only how soon can you shake those not-so-doing-good feelings off your shoulder and look for the bright side matters the most. Got that??

As I say nothing is possible, until you really are up for it.. determination is the key and the word. Without it, nothing can get along with you.. Aren’t you the master of your small little glinting universe!!

SO only eating well is not enough, doing only exercise isn’t everything, just a 10 minutes’ meditation won’t take you anywhere, just knowing your qualities and wrong behaviours and sitting with them, won’t make any difference. All these are a small part of wellness, you have to balance them parallelly.

That’s a lot for today’s subject.. get yourself into thinking now as to how soon you are implementing them.. I say ‘now’ is the time.. ‘Accept’ it!

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