My Solo Trip to Varanasi, India: Blog Post 1

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Benaras.. Kashi.. Varanasi.. Call whatever you want.. but once in your life, you would want to come here if you are an Indian or if you are not but have heard of India.. this is one of oldest cities in the history of Human civilization and still being resided and with increasing popularity.. & if you have heard of India, you must have heard of this city.. if you haven’t.. Well, what planet are you from!!

The place is highly known for its spiritual excellence and cultural affluence from its old gold days.. well.. it’s still in its golden glory if you ask me.. but over time the city has evolved and evolved more and has moulded itself with modernity. & this is so interesting and inspiring for me because this is how it’s should be like, don’t you think? SO at present, Varanasi is just not a place to find, feel spirituality or get to know of its century-old culture and tradition. Academics, Yoga, gastronomy, traditional benarasi sarees (actually this is more of a shopper’s perspective and being a typical Indian perspective!!).. what more do you want? Isn’t that enough to come running to a city like this? Okay, not running.. you have to use a flight or train to come here. It’s a perfect place to be with family and spend a good holiday, & equally ideal for lone roamer like me as well.. Ohh Yesss.. I went for my solo travel.. rather I resumed my Solo travel from this city yet again… Har Har Gangee..

SO what do I have to share.. so much, so so much.. one post is just not possible, there will be quite a few ones for Varanasi. Then what are you getting today?? Let’s start with a minor synopsis.. and gradually we will go to more details, okay?

My first impression of Varanasi:

Now before I come to this, you have to promise me one thing, you won’t leave this post after reading this.. you can’t do that, you have to read the whole to get your perception correct. Half-hearted reading never helps your nerves to have the correct notion! So reading till last okay?

So my first impression of Varanasi was.. bikes, cycles everywhere.. like every single where.. no traffic rules, none at all, no footpath for pedestrians! How do they manage? How about elderly people? How will my parents react? That was really my thoughts on the very first day. But gradually I got accustomed to it, though there’s no traffic rule, but cars are mostly not driving oddly, they are within limit, when you get a chance to cross the road, they try to keep a slower speed; but lanes are at times difficult to walk on.

The only thing is you can’t be in a hurry being a novice in this city. You have to get little adjusted to the environment of busy people by not being busy. Super easy, isn’t it??

When to go:

October to March is the time, post-November, it will be winter, it gets really cold by mid-December till February, but that’s the season to go. During the summer months, it’s very humid here and Hindu Shrawan month (mid-Jul to mid-Aug) is a pilgrimage time being Lord Shiva’s birth month, there’s a huge rush from the entire country, better if you can avoid that time. I actually went during this time, and it was procession of people everywhere. Also, after mid-July it’s monsoon, the water level rises and boats aren’t allowed to sail in the river, hence one of the reasons to avoid the monsoon months.

How long to stay:

Personally, I always wanted to stay here at least for a week, I did that and it was a good decision indeed. And one must stay for a week here, slow down a bit and enjoy everything here. However, if you are too busy or even if you are not your company doesn’t agree to it, then at least 3-4 nights is required here.

What to do?

Wo wo woooo.. hold on.. this cannot be done in just few words.. there have to be few separate posts for this, so rest of the things coming up at the soonest…

See you…

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