Spaced Out

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

Let me take another set of questions and put them into this one answer group today. What questions? Oh.. I didn’t mention.. Let me go back to my super- speciality genre once again today, my Solo-Travel queries, taking few questions on this subject, put them in a group and answer as One for all those questions!

So there have been questions like ‘Why Solo Travel?’, ‘Why Travel all alone when you can take someone else or more people with you?’, ‘DO you really like it?’ (Though I have answered to this once before, I have another answer for them here today!) etc. etc. Are these really curiosities or questions for the sake of asking whatever comes to your mind first or being judgemental in utter disbelief? Since I don’t have anything to do at the moment, I too am taking all the interests to answer them like a dutiful respondent.


I love space.. not that three dimensional universal space of star wars.. I like some empty space around me all the time, then there are times, I want some more of those empty space around me. That is the time, I run to some well planned random places away from my familiar boundaries and get absorbed in that self-owned space of spaced-out-ness. Solo-travelling not only gives me the time to spend time with myself but it also gives a chance to evaluate the mutinies I fight within quite frequently than often, or I get to mend the plights of offspring developing inside me unbidden. And not to forget, finding out how important am I to those people left on their own for few days and vice versa…

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

Staying away from my family gives me the awareness, acceptance with all my heart and assurance again and again that, ‘no matter what, these people are my ultimate destination for life without any other option’.  To this you are surely wondering ‘isn’t that a known fact?’ ‘Why you need to go away from your own house that too for days to realise that?’ Yes it’s a known fact but sometimes little distance gives us the lesson for life. I just don’t love my parents, I just don’t respect them, I definitely don’t consider them my responsibility for life.. my family is my small little world full of love, fight- a lot of it, difference of opinion in every single matter and opinion for everything possible to understand or not-understand, arguments and there’s a bond- an un-breakable, un-detachable Feviquick bond.

To live in this extraordinary little world of even-more extraordinary people.. you guessed right, I need some extragalactic extraordinary energy & equanimity to affirm the fact to myself that, ‘I can handle all these and still live long!!’ Thence my lovely nosy parkers, this little self-space, by spacing out from my familiar space at times gives me the space to sort out my disordered inner-space to get more free space to manage my same old space of life.. Get that!!

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