Spaced Out

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The Traveller I am— When it started?


‘About my dream!! Rest of the answers will be easy.. I know my hobbies.. but dream? What is my dream? What is it that I can call to be MY dream?’ As I was listening to my colleagues answering one after another, I was getting lost in my thoughts in between as I didn’t know what to say about my dream!!

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Zany We Were Together

Meeting strangers and making new friends is one side of the travel fun, but how about discovering the unknown side of the known ones coming de-shelled? As if one family is never enough, I am talking about the unexpectedly extended and cannot be denied later family we tend to create; those indisputable creatures, the lunatic excuses of having friends!! Travelling with friends every time is solving Rubik’s cube for the first time in my life, this is in particular reference to my small bowl of gummy bears.

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Youthful French Faces

I was relaxed inside the minivan; the driver went inside a deluxe resort, parking the car in front of the main gate. I reached this colonial town of Cambodia just on time to take an island tour. Ignorance is deliriously vindictive, so I understood here. This small town has all those soulful expectation I had from Sihanoukville, yet my stay in this place was ludicrously short. But nothing could be changed then, but to utilize most of my time I had.

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