Missing Jackscrew..

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

Even if we want the Hopping Pot or it’s magical owner to be found soon, many will simply call it, all jabberwocky. ‘This is just a fiction’ they will surely say! Or maybe, I am making a wrong impact to the society! I am asking to find hope at the other side of the sky! Ok.. you people from the era of science, technology, 3D-HD-5G, find the jackscrew which will put things just right. And this is not just about the current world-wide widespread I am hinting at.

There are even bigger things to look at and think of.. did you only manage that much? Do you think this virus currently dominating our lives and deciding our fate is everlasting? This will leave us soon if not tomorrow, but what about the problems kept unaddressed by most for ages?

What are those? Are you asking? Look around you.. aren’t there any problem, anything odd do you see? Nothing? How about the environmental imbalance.. N number of pollutions howling around our troposphere? Eco system.. Green turning barren.. saving wildlife.. or.. I have gone too far.. ok easy ones..


Advance education system..  compassion and sense of benevolence within us.. deliberation to think wide and wise.. uplifting of society thoroughly.. I am skipping gender biased or exploitation to keep this discussion at a basic level for now. Where’s the jackscrew or the jackscrews to place these disarrays in some sort of moving track with a destination?

Not possible? It’s not a day’s work.. yes it’s not. Problems which initiated long long before our or our forefather’s existence or some of them continuing parallelly since the day society was formed; and for several years society has been naive to address them or initiative even been taken, have been terribly slow; how is it possible to wipe them off or set them in right position in a matter of one round twist?

BlogchatterA2Z 2021- Them Un-Travel

If things aren’t to be shaped up so soon, if problems will take their own time to dissolve gradually, till the correct engineering is uncovered, we will seek the hope of light to come to the end of the dark dingy tunnel, we will cling onto those happy endings to hope for those same endings to be ours one day, to appease our grieving hearts for sometime at least. SO let us have bright dreams of those colourful days which we wish to come to us soon. It isn’t that bad.. dreaming.. is it?

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