Itchy Feet!

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I wonder why wizards took all the broomsticks with them? At least that one piece of magical instrument, they could have left us to use as well, may be for better advantage they could have made a no-maj version of this transportation! To think practically, the world would have gone for the hullabaloo of environmental pollution a little less then. Another advantage would have been or-course, travelling, instead of long weekend drive, you could have gone for long weekend flying trip with your partner.. have you seen the petrol-price these days!!.. think about it! Or, whenever my mum would have charged me with her kitchen equipments, I could have flown out like whish to a safer distance!! No??

No I am not talking broomstick today, nor even the benefits of flying.. I am sure I don’t have a long list of that!! It’s actually I was about to start something on today’s topic, but this thought popped in my mind and I had to share with you.. You know I am always so innocently honest with you!!


So what is ‘itchy feet’? Feet which keeps on tingling until you scratch them with your finger nails or as per old grandma’s trick, use the comb’s teeth instead!! Eeeww!! OK ok fine!! Itchy feet is when you are more than impatient, you are burning from the inside to leave your known world and travel somewhere. Any traveller will readily agree to be a nomad at heart and itching to step out of the house anytime. As quirky as this expression is or may be more popular by the ‘hashtag’.. no matter how funnily it is spoken of, it’s always relevant for a Travel lover.

And you know what gives me more zeal here.. when I met young lot of travellers.. travelling for months, years all alone or with friends.. surprisingly the solo ones had longer travel plans! Isn’t that jaw-droppingly amazing! I still feel for that freedom.. I still think what if I would have had that sort of freedom at that age! Taking a break in between degrees or study & work, and travel the world, seeing new places, knowing different cultures, feeling blessed! I am sure that would have been lot different an experience to treasure for life.. There’s so many notions come skirting my head at this subject.. but let’s keep it till here this time..

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