Where’s the ‘Hopping pot’ when we need it the most?

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Find his house!! Keep knocking at his door till he opens it!! Ask him to brew a potion in his big cauldron to save the world!! He can’t say Noo!! Find that Wiseman!! Where did he go!!

You know the story of ‘The wizard and the Hopping Pot’ right? No? Ok here is the story in brief. Once there was an old wise wizard, who used to help his neighbours’ in ailments, distress and in need. He never would reveal his true identity of being a wizard though, as he would say he brewed a potion in his lucky pot which played all the charm to cure every misery. People from far away land would come to him with their quandary and he would help them all, giving a stir to his pot and make things right.

Upon his death, he left all his belongings to his son, who was always insensitive to the muggles and never agreed with his father to offer any kindness to them. The son found his father’s lucky pot with a small parcel inside. Thinking the same to be gold left by his father, he found a piece of slipper too small to fit his foot in that package and a little message for him saying, “in the fond hope, my son, that you will never need it.”

Angry with this, he dumped the slipper inside the pot and used the pot for disposing wastes in it. Later that evening an old woman knocked on his door, asking to cure her granddaughter who grew a crop of wart but the apathetic son slammed the door on her face offering no aid. To this there grew a clanging noise from the kitchen, upon arrival the son found his father’s pot had grown one brass foot and with which he was hopping on the kitchen making clanging sound. The pot also had grown warts all over it. Trying to disappear the pot or clean it with his wand, he was unsuccessful but the pot would follow him wherever he would go clanging all around him.


Likewise more people knocked at his door the day next but all were dispersed without any hope or help, neighbours stopped seeking help henceforth but the pot grew yearning spewing bad cheese and sour milk, splashing salted water, clanging, crying like a baby; and day-night it would continue so around the son.

Finally done with all these, the wizard agreed to help all those who sought his help and cured, mend all what was needed. The pot gradually became quiet, clean and stopped his clanging. Finally the slipper burped out of the pot and the wizard slipped it on it’s brass foot. Henceforth the wizard willfully helped his neighbours, villagers like his father. Happy ending!!

Theme 2021

You see what do I mean now? We also need that happily ever after life.. We need that wizard who can save the muggles from this misery. Is he hiding somewhere? Wretched with the selfish muggles? Doesn’t his pot clang, hop, shriek at the muggles’ misery anymore? We really need him.. Tell him we won’t be of any harm.. Tell him we won’t speak of his true identity to anyone.. Tell him we need his magic, his ever curing cauldron to save us from this despair. Anybody find him in the shadow of the night, just seek his help and thank him on behalf of us.. As much as we need him, so does he, his secrecy may be. Ooo universe, the brilliant stars.. conspire your ploy to help us..

** If you still are creasing your brows, itching the back of your head on wizard, hopping pot, wand.. Are you from this age at all!!

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