Great Expectations to Meet

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“Schooldays are the best time of life.”

Really like how? Explain please! Have you seen the number of activities you have to enroll on to be an obedient child aka student? The piles of project work for each subject on each month on each semester? Then there’s exam.. class test, half yearly exam, annual exams divided into written + viva and if they are still too less, why not scare the Bellatrix out of those little heads by taking few handful of creative surprise test!

And it’s not done there.. if one isn’t securing a minimum of 90% (70-80% aren’t even considered in the numeric, are you mad?? I am not even getting into Pados ke sharma ji ka beta or Mukherjee Babu ki Beti) in each of the above.. Life is a, freshly out of the oven, a smoking sizzler!

And then the school fest.. inter school science competition.. student of the year award.. it’s not ending only!! Oh I forgot.. Now-a-days it’s all in front of the slick classy laptop!!

24/7 under the scanner of the house members.. I hear these days parents have their own whatsapp group!! They discuss homework, question paper, teacher’s saree, principal’s hair colour, construction of the school building, who brings what in lunch to exchanging recipes.. is it true? I missed these during my school days then.. oops.. my mother missed all these in my school days!!

Some say.. “College days are the best time of life!”


Are you crazy? Are you sure you even saw a college? Then did you step inside one? Those 3-4 years are like walking in between long high crevices.. best time? Yecch!! Those are the Do or Die years? Everything is allowed though, class bunk, ragging juniors, romancing, skipping college for days.. but at the end attendance has to be as per the set percentage, and no flunking on any subject.. Yaa.. to give you some air of flattery, there’s no parent-teacher meeting, no parents call, no kneel-down!! And of course parents at house are counting days to save their last trace of money than shading them in the name of pocket-money! If there’s higher study to go for.. more pressure.. education loan! ‘You will pay once you get a job’! ‘These are hard earned money.. remember this well!’ Only the nose peeks up from the deep drowning ocean!

Okay.. this is the best.. “Once you have a job, you are your own Boss.. live life in your terms.”

Hahahahaha… OMG!! How cool is that no!! How about.. Get a house or a car or both?  Learn some savings.. Do you have some investment plan? Settle down now! Register on a matrimony! How long will you live like a nomad? Learn some cooking? Learn to manage the house! It’s been some time you are married.. plan your family now? Why delay.. otherwise your eggs will start poaching!! Had a baby? How about another one? Which school? Their Education plan? Future planning for kids? Retirement planning? This plan- that plan.. Phooey!!

Theme 2021

You think I am a Jovian who just doesn’t understand standard social protocols or who has this mutiny of bewailing on every social ethics.. Well, at times there are few splashed out deviants who are so obdurate to go by those standardisation!! You may call them ‘anti’-social than ‘un’-social, who are the unnoticed emblems of the coins!!

Red Alert: If any underage is reading this post by any blink of chance.. Best time or not.. School- college-university are not the objects to miss in life, education is utmost important for everyone, followed by self-dependency to write carefree like above..

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