Family Family All Around!!

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Lockdown had various effects on us in this one year.. In the initial months the effect was of luxury mostly, the most common one came to my notice was everybody becoming an on-the-house unasked philosopher for the world at large! For example I read on a shared- re-shared by many FB post, ‘Lockdown taught us that our real well wishers are our family’..

Hey hey hey.. I don’t need such imprisonment to learn, realise or understand this about family! Rather Indians don’t need such lesson under such months long locked up in the house scenario! We grow up with-for and by our family since birth. We are bottle-fed family values, loving-caring our extended family, hosting unwelcomed unattached distant family members anytime of the year since we have been shaping for 9 months or less inside the womb! This philosophy can’t be for us! Hey hold on.. don’t exit so soon.. This is no jihad against family post.. I was putting some thoughtful views.. only a little irked with everything going on for more than a year now (also the word count of the post helps!! :D)! Let’s calm down.. Okay.. Cool!


Let’s talk some more sense now.. must and necessary confession first, I love my nuclear family and my most beloved small extend family as well, where I am still the apple of the eyes even after a little sparrow is gliding our hearts days-evenings and nights for few years now. Then what’s the hue and cry on Family? Not hue and cry.. just sulking a bit! What do you expect? More than a year, a travel blogger out of fund, out of travel plans, out of ‘solo’ travel plan to be more precise, that special ‘me time’, my own space, those unexpected sudden travel- stories.. everything is missing from my life at the moment; when will they be mend, I know not.

Just as much I love my family so do I those short term squeezed inside a cocoon comfort zone. And I am badly missing my ‘self-ish’ time, my half-lying for travel (I am getting a bit technical on this- more explanation some other time), exploring the world at large without my real world by my side.. If hypocrisy could be seized in a small glass jar left in a dusty corner of a storeroom!!

Gotta go.. Lady of house has summoned me in the kitchen.. surely she is gonna make me to cook the mix veg for dinner!!

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