E-Go Rather Attitude..

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Before you start reading this post, may I give you a small task? Quickly check the meaning of ‘Ego’ & ‘Attitude’ on Google and comeback to this post in a minute.. Please Don’t start with ‘this new generation doesn’t understand the importance of dictionary!’.. Hello!! I am somewhere a ‘Gen M’ (Generation Middle aged) and as you are in-front of your phone/ laptop/ tab.. Google will be a faster option.. Fine now? You have some 40 seconds to come back to this post now!

So if you have searched, You will see ‘Ego’ means ‘Self-esteem’, ‘Self-importance’; whereas ‘Attitude’ means ‘Point of view’, ‘frame of mind’, ‘opinion’ etc. Why did I start with an English lecture today? It’s not English but take it as a moral class today. Frequently or almost always people will have problem with another person’s attitude and if it’s a girl, then ‘her attitude problem’ is a kathin samasya. As there is an opportunity today, I want to ask all of them, what’s wrong in having attitude? What’s wrong in having one’s own views, opinion, analytics, ability to judge? What’s wrong in being able to make your own decision than ‘depending’ on someone else? Do any of those people who have problem with the word ‘attitude’ have an answer to my questions?

I have.. Let me take out two faults in my own questions.. 1. Not Depending one someone else & 2. The perception of the word Attitude.


A society where criticism doesn’t know any rule, norms or boundary, where trepidation shadows elevation, making a decision not relying to that same bigoted society or doing something outlandish somewhat against that society is a misdeed! Followed by the perception of the word Attitude; people all the time places Ego and attitude in the same box or to pacify those same people, they ‘often confuse’ with these two words. If not hell and heaven, there is a bold line’s difference between these two words. Just like there is a significant difference of expression between proud and arrogant. Isn’t it? Do you and I share the same thought here?

So this time onwards, if you want to object on a human characteristic, do differentiate between ego and attitude. I have to admit here, ‘ego’ doesn’t carry a lot of positivity so doesn’t it’s definition and there is already a ‘go’ embedded with this word. But after reading so much, if you are still stuck to someone’s ‘attitude problem’.. know this then.. It takes two to seesaw.. Cheerio!!

*** I would love to hear from you today.. What do you think on this subject? What’s your view or opinion or belief? Or is it Amour proper you are dealing with?

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