Sleep Deep- Dream Deeper!!!

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Once someone had asked me in an interview about some fun facts on me.. And I don’t remember humming and hawing for a moment in giving this away, ‘I love to sleep and one day I want to sleep for an entire day with no one living in the house! (No one means, not even my parents in the house!)’ It’s really true, I love to sleep, every morning once the alarm starts hooting, I want to sleep few more hours, every single day!! And I really wanted this to happen at least once..

So what happened finally? Lockdown happened a year ago.. I got an option to take some advantage with a condition of having other members of the family under the same roof.. You give some, you get some; right?? So I decided to take a little advantage.. if not a day full of sleeping, may be little more sleeping than hen’s call to crows’ call?! That too everyday and math showed this idea more profitable!


So day 1, day 2.. followed by  ‘Realisation’ rang me gently.. I hate it when ‘realisations’ make me realise the fact too early.. So whatever ‘realisation’ was nudging me for, I got the point. No matter how much I want, I can never have enough of my sleeping disorder.. And more sleep = more inertia= time-day-dream wasted with some great deal.

Lesson learnt. Sometimes too much good isn’t that good for you. Like more sugar can cause diabetes, more salt can spoil a dish.. Likewise excessive sleep can make you aimless! You are sniggering at me, aren’t you?

So sleeping more is still there (I am not that obedient FYI) but with restriction.. The alarm clock has 3 slots set, on the third jab, bed is done, I am straight at the wash basin. Dreams are my forever friends.. I never have been able to rationalise with my dreams in my deep sleep, I rather love those dreams, where I have some control.. So limiting my sleeping impulse within the laxman rekha, I caress my dreams with eyes broad and open!!

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