Celebrate Life!!

This Blogpost is part of BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 for the Theme Un-travel

They say, ‘celebrate each day!’

Question: ‘How?’ ** If I cut cake every day the bakeries will run out of stock! And not to forget those pounds of free gauche calories these non-homemade food parlours gift us in favour of showing them the mercy of paying well for their finger licking, eye-catching decoration.. Tell me can you disagree here??

They say, ‘live every moment like there’s no tomorrow!’

My lord, ‘what if there is a tomorrow.. and the day after.. and the day after the-day-after tomorrow and so on??’

They say, ‘Live life king size!’

Objection your honour.. I strongly object here! ‘Give us the hidden treasury of gold, diamond or rubies! We do want to live lives of kings, queens, ministers, presidents!!’ (** ignore the last two, I just got a bit carried away.. sush.. sush!)

They say, ‘Do simple things to enjoy life, a sham ki chai in the veranda, or a solo trip all together!!’ ** seems someone very very known said this!!! 😀 😀

But how to go on a vacation.. How to do those ‘end of reason’ shopping.. how to plan weekend trips when the bank account isn’t shading off a single penny! When work is so much but account isn’t refilled to 100% by the end of the month! While borders are planning to open but again going off for the invader is getting more battalion on the ground!

Mess mess everywhere!

Covid coming back again anywhere!

Countries are all shut here and there

Life is getting poorer everywhere,

Vaccine is available they declare

Virus, let every human life spare..


When life isn’t moving the way you plan.. it’s time again to go back to the basics, go back to your heart.. listen to it. Life hasn’t been easy in this one year, life still isn’t easy for many. There is only one consolation.. if the battameez dil is still beating, as a counter reaction “picture abhi bhi baki hain mere dost”.. When it comes to dealing with your life, sometimes be as flexible as wet clay. Mould yourself as and how it needs to be.

Be it curtail your expenses, pat your cheeks only by seeing your favourite skirts and fit & flares on 60% discount this time and let them go to someone else, ignore the posts if others are going for long drive over weekends, turn around after a quick stare when you see the new collection of junk jewelleries by the street shops.. you get what I mean right?

BlogchatterA2Z Theme 2021

Well you can still choose your way, cribbing and crying as to ‘why me?’, ‘why they get but I don’t?’, ‘why luck isn’t in my favour?’,  why.. why.. why?? You have all the freedom to do this. Only.. while you will be busy cribbing, people around you or away from you will still continue with their lives.. but You, only you will lose those moments forever.. May be you could have fought, failed, fight again, learn, inspire, find another goal.. you never know what lies ahead.. do you?

So, bow to the power supremo for keeping you alive, you may or may not accept the challenges with all your heart, thrown on you but you don’t have much choice, do you?

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