Think Like Kamalamma..

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So many out of the world miraculous advertisements are coming on Tv these days, who don’t even add up to the economy! Have you watched that one.. where our Singham star is hop-scotching all across London to find the slow-motion vagabond with a big black hood, who is blowing saffron coloured hindi alphabets all around him. Following the trail of those saffron coloured hindi alphabets, our otherwise very fast Singham star, takes a whole round of London city and finds the man from his own land.. and it turns out to be the man who makes the popular on-screen Jodi with his beloved wife, our very own King of romance! And the end is more shocking.. the Singham star is so happy see his opponent just because he has found a neighbour abroad.. rather that’s the moment you can safely chock your foe till he swears not to come within the 10 km radius of his wife!! Am I not talking sense?

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And it’s not done yet.. what is this add all about? Kesaria pan masala!! How is that even possible? Do you know how much a good quality saffron costs? A small 5 gm dibbi of good quality kesar costs nothing less than gold!! My goodness.. and they are selling each chota packet for 11 rupees & 50 paisa only!! I have decided, next time whenever biryani is cooking in the house.. I will buy this 11 rupees 50 paisa sachet and generously sprinkle them on my biryani.. It will actually serve two purposes.. one it will add the colour to the biryani and after our stomach is full of raita, mutton and onions.. we won’t need any extra mouth freshener.. Brilliant idea!!


At this I also think, what my dear aunty Kamalamma may have to say on this? Are Kammalamma.. you don’t know!! Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka!!! Ayoo.. she will be very upset if you still make that blank grey face. She is the famous house wife of South India but gaining huge popularity all across the country and outside, courtesy our 24/7 Google Maharaj. So, our next door (No no She is not literally my neighbour or distant relation, for the age difference she will be my aunty no? But for you she will prefer just Kamalamma). Aunty Kamalamma actually speaks for all the housewives of India (I can only talk for our Indian wives.. I don’t have any experience with overseas ones).. when I read her famous columns I think of my friends’ mother, my neighbour’s mother, some unknown bumped on the road by chance mother of someone, also my own mother.. how can I forget her? All speaks the same language.. only aunty Kamalamma has the courage to speak for all of them..

With the air of election everywhere.. if Kamalamma starts a housewives’ party she will be a hit all across India.. and the 110% support she will get, it doesn’t need any verification.. and you know what she not only will get the support of the housewives, but the would-be ones as well; then the husbands too won’t have much stand to vote for any other party, I think. And then she can have branches of her housewives’ party all across India.. and then Dilli dur nahi hogi! You got my hint right?

May be I have to write to Kamalamma personally on this.. all of you who support me.. put your hands up and drop an inspiring message for my dear aunty and your Kamalamma!!!

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