Life inside the Zoo

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

Before I start writing anything.. What’s your favourite animal? Or which particular animal attracts you the most in a zoo for whom you are always jumping in excitement, though it’s not your age to do so? Hoping that some of you will answer at the end.. let me come back to the subject now.. mine is Chimpanzee. To clarify you more, it’s my recent favourite since past one year. Before, there were more than one but what’s the point of giving you the names, as this 24/7 legal house-arrest has turned our lives into a 365 degree operational zoo!!

Only one difference or may be three or two.. No money to lose for entry tickets; then no visitors allowed, only in-house similar species or some other kind of creatures are enjoying or suffering for the repetitive circus going on and another will be.. Ooo seems you are interested.. let me give you some examples then!!

Picture courtesy @Vecteezy

Initial days of lockdown actually seemed quite interesting to me.. getting to relax on weekdays during office hours, no gorging on food but chewing each bite 30 times or till your jaws drop on the floor with pain, getting special experimented dish every night from the Lady of the house.. Hold, hold there!!

So there wasn’t anything special at all, as she would politely ask, ‘what would you like to eat today?’ and with that I would show some more polite gesture of, ‘Whatever you cook for me!.’ That’s it.. from third day there was no asking, no considering, no any further thing than, ‘Oh I don’t feel like cooking anything today.’.. ‘ I don’t like cooking these days!!’ Is this like life under the ocean? Even if the last thing we wanted was to become a patient, this was nothing better than eating same old, spice missing, sometimes half burnt..


SO sometimes (I actually tried more than once even knowing the consequence!) gathering little courage if I could manage to ask, ‘What’s special tonight?’.. I had to brace for the deadly grimaced face with a howling answer like, “What special? Everyone says they have so much time in this lockdown? How? Tell me? Look at me, always busy in the kitchen, my work has become so much more since you two are always in the house! What special answer do you have for that?” The lady of house has seriously become so grim since last year and don’t ask about the head of the family!

He would squall at everything you tell him.

‘Wash your hands.’

‘I did.’

‘With soap! Nicely!’

BlogchatterA2Z 2021 Theme: Un-Travel

‘Ooff I did.’


‘In the morning!’… …

‘Don’t go inside the room with these cloths on!’

‘What do you expect!’

‘Change into fresh cloths and these should go inside the washing machine!’


‘Where are you going again?’

‘Have to go to the ATM or do you want to starve till the lockdown?’

‘Why couldn’t you go in the morning while going to the market?’

‘How do I know you will have such a shopping list for the year!’

And this slouching panda, or sometimes changed into a hibernating python would just have to take everything.. No escaping..

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