Make A Change

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

Such powerful 3 words.. Make. A. Change. So positive, so motivating, uplifting.. like, bring all 5 fingers of your both hands into two fists and give a jerk saying ‘let’s do something now’ type.. Ain’t it? Now.. Every coin has two sides you know that? Here too is something like that..

This one year.. or ‘the time at present’ will be more accurate.. This present time, though a hell of it’s kind, has been a big educator for us. Whatever we didn’t think of happening to us in our deadliest nightmares has happened in this one year’s time and still continuing. I am not getting into the facts of what occurred, but if open to take more, this pandemic, this eternal lock-yourself-in-the-house gave us all the options to learn, learn more and keep those learnings till life.


By learning I am not only talking about the online courses people took up, or learning to cook, starting small online business, motivating others.. that’s one side of it.. no I’m not saying there’s coin after coin, just divide one side of the coin into 2 or 4 partss, like a pie chart!! Now concentrate.. apart from learning new materialistic, I think we also learnt to subsist with our emotions and cognition.

Valuing time, valuing our surroundings which we keep ignoring with no reasons; identifying our worth to ourselves, re-structuring ourselves to survive this no-ground battle? Just think a little.. salary cut or not, work from your bedroom or balcony, didn’t you still lived with less? Less spending or saving little more for the days to come? Crushing that urge for weekend party night or a long weekend trip or a random celebration to blow up your earnings for the month than, making peace with whatever staple is available in the home-cook’s kitchen? Aren’t these few things we never thought to compromise in our lives with? Forget about considering the possibility of it but by all means, we managed.. right? We are still coping up!

BlogchatterA2Z 20201 Theme- Un-Travel

This change.. has it been that bad? To give you the answer, the opposite of white not always needs to be black, it can be bright yellow, blue or dull wheatish or anything rather dark. May be this change didn’t have all the elements to change the world, society or nation.. but if it makes some impact in your own life, to your family.. that means it’s full proof and worthy. Be with that change then..

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