Chicken Tandoori at Home

It gives an unbelievable astonishment to people, when I say I’m not that fond of chicken. A plain chicken curry, chicken soup or chicken stew just doesn’t appeal to me! It really doesn’t, for it’s strange to me as well.

But if it’s chicken Tandoori or barbecued chicken, I have all my will to get my fingers greasy and simply gorge on the. I was looking forward to make an easy and healthy version of Chicken tandoori at home, so YouTube got one really easy recipe for me. Inspired by @VarunInamdar, I got my success and here I share it with you.

Tips & Tricks to share:

I followed the instruction as per the video shared below, with few learning and realization:

  1. I wash my chicken with lukewarm water and a lemon squeezed in it, it helps to get rid of any raw smell which at times I find in chicken.

2. Though the formula to make a tasteful chicken tandoori is to go minimal; still, apart from the ginger-garlic paste, curd, turmeric; I couldn’t stop myself from using a pinch of Garam Masala and crushed black pepper in the marinate. I purposely skipped red chili powder. However, if you want a nice colour on your chicken but don’t want it spicy, you can add ‘Kashmiri red chili powder’, it only enhances the colour of the dish, doesn’t influence the taste.

*** Please make sure there’s no water in the curd, you can also keep the curd inside a muslin cloth and hung it to drain the excess water and then add the curd to the masala or spices.

3. Once the marinate is ready, mix it with your hand and make sure every bit of chicken is well coated with the marinate.

4. Frying: don’t put a lot of oil, we don’t want to deep fry it, we just want a glaze on the chicken, hence little bit of oil, and with it I added little Ghee instead of the butter, as I prefer the aroma of ghee.

5. Make sure there’s no water in the chicken, if there is, try drain the water before putting the chicken on the pan. Using more oil, may take time to get the charred look on the chicken, the entire cooking time may take about 15 minutes, restrict your greed till you get the burnt-at-the-edges look of the chicken.

6. keep the flame in control and keep it on high or low as per need.

I didn’t have charcoal at home, hence skipped the last part of bringing the smoked flavour, but may be next time I’ll try it and let you know.

Let me know how it went with you…

Inspired by @VarunInamdar

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