Bread and Breakfast

Like Many of you, bread is one of my favourite and easy breakfast option in the morning. But most of the times, it’s either bread, butter and banana or a fried egg with toast or may be a non-cooked sandwich, are what we opt for, right?

But sometimes we do look for some variety, a little different variety. I look for it.. rather I look for a different option every alternative day. So while surfing YouTube, I came across this recipe and it seemed quite interesting to me. But as usually, as lazy I am, I made an easier version of it. I hope you will like it..


  • Bread: 2 slices of your choice of bread or bun
  • Butter
  • Egg: 1 or 2, as many as you want
  • chopped: Tomato, Capcicum, Carrot, Beans, Onion (1 spoon each)
  • Italian seasoning
  • Coriander leaves- for garnish
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Let’s start with toasting the bread, depending upon your preference make it as crusty as you want. I made my brown bread even browner.
  2. Butter the breads a little and keep them aside. (If you want, you may use Green chutney on the bread. Add coriander leaves, a little bit of Mint leaves, very little ginger-garlic to a mixer grinder and blend them well, then add salt as per taste and a spoon of mustard oil on it, your green chutney is ready, it will be little think, not runny, so don’t add any water)
  3. Now the cooking part, in a moderately heated frying pan, add little oil. On it, put all the chopped vegetables except the coriander leaves. Once the vegetables are soften and the onion is getting translucent, add salt, pepper and Italian seasoning and stir a bit (I also added an egg here and scrambled with the vegetables). If the frying pan is big and vegetables used are less (which means if there are lot of empty spaces in the frying pan while cooking the vegetables), then bring the vegetables in the middle of the pan and gently flatten them to a moderately thick or not very thick & not very thin circle shape.
  4. Put the heat on absolutely on low flame. Now, very slowly break the egg(s) on top of the vegetables (if you think that the yolk may slip away, which keeps happening in my case, you may make small holes within the flat circle BUT not exposing the base of the frying pan, just a gentle lower base for the yolk to rest).
  5. Add little more salt & pepper on the egg(s), sprinkle the coriander leaves on the egg, veggies (if you want you may sprinkle some grates cheese on it), now cover the pan for 3-5 minutes, still keeping the flame on low. .
  6. Once the egg is done, serve it as a topping on the bread or at the side of the plate. Any which way, I’m sure you will like it.

Do let me know if you managed trying it and how did it go…

Inspired by @BanglarRannaghar

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