You Travel Alone?!

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September 2018, In Bali:


Oh Hello!

‘I hope you liked the room and everything is fine?’

‘Oh, Nothing can be better, It’s wonderful, Thank you.’

‘I just thought to check with you once, if you need anything.’

‘No I don’t think I need anything only, to keep connected to the world I will need the wifi password, will you please help me with that, why don’t you sit by the way?’

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X Factor in Travel

P.S. BlogchatterA2Z

‘Ok here it says you have to find your niche to write’ Reeti (as usually the same old person and also I don’t have many payjama buddies for sleepover parties) was searching on the internet for the entire morning, (she could have plan for a PHD if she wanted)

“Now what is niche?” asked Pradip, [Yes there is a new addition in the group today! Our dear friend has finally come for a holiday to his home land from his karmabhumi (working place) Bengaluru.]

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Wings to Turtle- Turtle Got Wings…

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As decision has been made to a become a blogger, now it’s time to departmentalize all the diverse thoughts nicely, inside the refrigerator. Be it making travel plans, writing them down, re-arranging them, publishing them.. which reminded where to publish these writing? Will that need a website? A website!! I am no tech person!! And I never took science seriously in school! I don’t have any money to pay a tech genius! So it can’t be website. SO only FB page? How many places have I been to? How many write ups to put? So, my brain is like the abandoned classroom of children who are shouting out everything in their capacity, and there is no teacher to roll her eyes on them to make them sit quietly .

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Vagary to Bloggery..

P.S. BlogchatterA2Z

The plan was very simple and very sorted (that time it seemed sorted at least or may be I am always overly confident that I am a sorted person! This is one of the numerous daily basis and ignored disorder I have.)

So, ‘The plan’ as I was explaining, was to become a vagabond, travelling with only one suitcase and a backpack because that much I can manage by myself in my solo travel! Going to countries after another countries, warm climatic ones would be the first preference for sure! Why?? Well who doesn’t like a bit of fashion on travel! The warmer it is, the lighter clothes I get to carry and comfortably feathery I feel. Sun, sand, skirts and shorts are so Me…

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Ultimate Goal in Travelling..

P.S. BlogchatterA2Z

‘What are you saying?’

‘What you are hearing!’ No doubt that’s me in response.

‘You serious? I can’t believe this?’

‘Who am I to convince you? I am not even trying, I’m just telling you.’

‘I seriously can’t believe, you have travelled all alone!! No no, not possible.’

‘I’m not carrying those boarding pass with me, and I am not so imaginative to make such stories!!’

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