Book Review: Where Rainbow Meets The Sky

By Vidhi Duggal

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Meeting someone unexpectedly after two decades? That too with the person whom you once fell in love with? Does affection takes different route with the passing time? How easy or daunting can it be to stand in-front of that person after ages?

That’s way too many questions? Aren’t they? But won’t that be the usual? Doesn’t a heart swells with number of ‘whats’, ‘hows’, ‘buts’ and ‘whys’? All these have loads to do with the book I am writing the review for.

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Book Review- Five Petals

By Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Is Life really a steep ride of roller-coaster? How about you falling in love with a secretive person? How about what you think to be ignorance is actually your life’s lesson? Can love stand firm in those darkest of moments? And lastly how’s life during this lock-down? Have you been noticing any new improvement in you during this time?

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Book Review- Postcards From India

BY Sinjana Ghosh

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Travelling to a place is no big deal, enjoying the place is a solace, describing the beauty of that place is words coming out of your heart and it’s completely presenting your vision of the place you visited.

But how about one fine day all these tourist destinations get their own strong voice and speak for themselves?

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Book Review- Around the world.. through my lens

By Jyoti Jha

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Such a dreamy word ‘Travel’ is, it can comfort you with the ultimate bliss of life or can make you vulnerable with discontentment. For a travel fanatic, it can be both. Why am I saying all these? I am trying to warn you before you decide to read this review any further!! If you live to travel, love to travel and lust is the third adjective you use to express your travel fanaticism, this review and this book is ‘handle with care’ for you!

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Book Review- Unlocked

By Sonia Dogra

Courtesy @Blogchatter

What is the very first thought may come to any mind when said ‘History’? Giant Palaces, Kings and their queens, battle fields, valiant war stories, victories or defeats?

Can history also have an unknown, fascinating or outré perspective?

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