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Exactly till 27 minutes 55 seconds past 6 in the evening, I didn’t have the slightest of idea as to what to write for today’s ‘Q’ post!! After some smacking the head from left & right, then banging the head straight with the wall (feather gently of course), grabbing my hair with both hands to massage the scalp.. I didn’t have any luck even after all these!! Then I had to confide on Shri-Google-Dev..

As kind our very respectable Shri Google Dev is, I was ushered with so many words but none registered by my brain. Then came some Old- English words.. Among them one word tripped upon my otherwise myopic eyes..  ‘QUAFF-TIDE’!! meaning, ‘“The season for drinking,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary’!! Right.. Drinking.. Who will write on Them!! May be wait for Oktober Fest!! …

Hold On!! Quaff-Tide.. Season of Drinking?? Drinking?? Yes.. I mean of course.. I am the one who loves to drink.. I am the one who drinks profusely.. And this is indeed the season of drinking.. the season of cool, chilled, sweet drinks!!

And they are so heartening.. and so much healthy!! Hang On.. What are you up to?? I am talking about Summer Drinks? This melting season of fiery summer gives us all good and trustworthy reasons to live on icy-cold, direct from the fridge, colourful drinks.. Can you agree more? What not we have in option??


Let’s start with the fruit ones.. My favourite Aam panna Sharbat, Aamras sharbat, Water Melon juice, Mango Juice, mango Lassi, simple lemonade, Pine apple juice.. Oh I love them all.. I can cuddle my sweaty cold glass of juice, I can sleep with them, I can dream of them, I can.. ok it’s getting weird now!!

Then we have smoothies.. mix whatever you have at home, only make sure they come directly out of the freezer.. for example.. Blend some chilled milk with chocolate, coffee, some dates or jaggery powder for sweetness; drop few ice-cubes while serving and it’s the easiest chocolate lovers’ heaven. Then mix 2-3 fruits together like pine-apple, banana, some sweet lime or orange; then blend with some ice or cold water… ooo it’s tranquillizing, the feel of lying on winter alps on a Miami summer!! You got that right!! Ypu can also add some ‘chilled’ curd, some vanilla extract.. it’s all up to you.

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

Then there are times, you just don’t have any time to cut, blend, whip etc. etc.. and you have blocked nose for drinking over the limit chilled drinks.. you can have Sattu (powdered roasted chickpea). Take a glass, add some black salt, add some spoons full of sattu, add little water at first, mix it well with a spoon, then fill the glass with little more water and drink it down.. Sattu is considered the most soothing and healthiest ingredient for your health in summer.

And to end the post, I want to add my anytime favoutire.. Glucon-D.. “Orange Flavour”.. Other flavours of Glucon-D have their own fan following.. but this Orange flavour is my soul-mate since my kindergarten days..  Mix some cold water and normal water, add heaped spoons of Orange Glucon-D, mix mix mix and I am flying, I am pirouetting, I can have another glass of my slightly chilled Orange Glucond-D!!!

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