With Power comes.. ‘More Powerfulness’.

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

During this one year.. actually during this doesn’t seem to leave us alone for days-months-1+ year’s time.. I did one thing quite religiously.. pay attention! Not ‘regularly’ which I used to do before as well.. but during ‘this’ particular time I followed this one particular practice quite ‘religiously’.. And that is, keeping an eagle’s eye on my surroundings.. on a larger scale.. or on a global scale.. You still didn’t get it? Following World Wide News! Growing my general knowledge on International level! Day-night-brunch-supper, all the time!

Yeah, we all do this.. We all say ‘Know what’s happening all around the world’.. But it also makes me think, whether it’s really rational to know what’s happening across the globe.. What if the florid glass bubble around us bursts open to a vortex of mayhem then! What if the gale of furore shatters our vanity of ‘World Peace’!! What if the bright sunny day seems really burning all of a sudden!!! This fear of losing hope, this fear of insecurity can make and become a great deal in our lives, isn’t it?


Can these same emotions make a great deal to Power as well? No, that’s not the right question.. Can these same emotions make and become a great deal to the People in Power? This doesn’t need an answer, does it? A country or countrieS where the leaders aren’t wanted by their people but those same leaders don’t care a bloody damn.. They Self-elect themselves (Oh Yes! They don’t to care to serve their people, it’s about the throne without a game of opponents) to be the next ruler, takes oath to screw the lives of who go against them, makes sure every protestor rots in the dark of dead dungeons and vouches for no one can rise their head afterwards. It’s only Power. The despotic lust for cardinal Power. That. Only. Matters. Being at the top like Xerxes, the ‘God-King’?

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

And here comes the interesting part.. not to you maybe but for some.. the vitriolic truth.. You can’t pin point 1 or 2 on the map, the list is getting larger every day, innocent lives brutally lashed on plain and simple wanton, autonomy overthrown by autocracy.. What else one can ask for? More tongue drooling rapacity?  If one ogre of a country isn’t enough, claim another to be yours, doesn’t matter who agrees or accepts.. Just take them off the equation, forever. And continue with this plan for ‘More’.

My Google search found me the perfect definition of Power today, “Power makes people feel both psychologically invincible and psychologically invisible,” by Adam Galinsky. What more can I add after this??

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