My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- Touring #Paris City

City Tour of Paris || One Day in Paris||

When it comes to Paris, a friend of mine keeps uttering the words like ‘magical city’, ‘a city as mystical as a woman’(Hey what exactly does that mean huh!!)!! Borrowing his words, to an extended extent the city, Paris is really stunning. Before arrival to the city, I did receive many variances though; ‘this city is so crowded’, ‘not worthy’ and blah blah!! Hey any popularity will have it’s own ever-growing admirers and critics at the same time, and yes for sure there are other beautiful places in and around France as well (cheap/ expensive that’s not the point!) but how about this particular city in France we are talking about!!

Let me tell you what I always believe in. You have to know the right way to enjoy!! Who agrees with me??

So, PARIS- it’s the capital city of France, a city of fashion and trend, a dreamy city since moon’s time; a city with history, a city of romance, aristocracy and a culinary mast to entrée, main and dessert!! Of course this city will have more and more people coming here everyday.. But the ‘Thing’ is how better you can enjoy the city, let’s see what I have.


4 to 5 nights stay in Paris is descent, more you stay lot you can explore and see. The area around Louvre museum, Champs-Élysées, Eiffel Tower is mostly preferred. Other than hotels, hostels-rental apartments- home stays are easily available and of different budget.


Going around:

Hop on hop off buses, many city passes are available to access public transport in Paris and it’s easy. Commuting through railways is also a great option while in Paris.

Few Photo Stops during City tour of Paris:

@ Arc De Triomphe:

This is one of the famous monument is Paris which was built to honour the lost souls who gave their life for France during French Revolution and Napoleonic war. People stop here to click pictures and move for the next attraction.

@Place de la Concorde:

Place De la Concorde is the largest public square in Paris and it’s beautiful. The most amusing is the Obelisk of Luxor. In the world of French Revolution there stands this tall pillar with Egyptian inscription on it. It is said that two of such obelisks were built and one of them was gifted to the French government by the Egypt Government of 19th Century. There are also two moss-green fountains with golden border standing by the side. These fountains were built during 18th century and signify the theme of river. Spend some time here to get some good pictures.

@ Grand Palace Paris:

Grand Palace or Grand Palais is converted into a museum and exhibition hall at present. Due to very short time I could only manage few pictures from outside, but one can go inside paying an entry fee and can see the interior of the palace.

@Champ Elysees at night:

Champ Elysees is one of the voguish areas in Paris or you can call it the fashionably posh area of Paris. Shopping centre, the top notch brands, fashion fever and Lido show, all of them residing here next to each other. At night this place has a different vive. Illuminated streets, some new collection launch of a brand, open ramp walk somewhere on the streets, it’s so much happening here in the city after sundown. Don’t miss one visit to this area while is Paris.

To tell you more specifically, don’t miss a tour of Paris at night. It’s glitz-glamour everywhere.

Shop perfume:

As I had said, fashion is swanking at every corner of Paris. So Fashion and fragrance has to go in knots. And Paris is famous for perfume shopping. While coming out of Louvre, you find shops lined up selling elite perfumes. And the entire city has various shopping centres to buy perfumes apart from buying fashionable clothes.

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