My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- Eiffel Tower Visit, Paris

No matter how much people say that Paris is touristy; Eiffel Tower, though an age-long historic engineering, it is always over-crowded or what so ever.. a onetime visit has to be made to this world-famous long lattice construction, while in Paris; otherwise how will you appreciate the city!! Paris is an ornate metro city, there is the old medieval look at one part of the city, and then there is another modern side which is coming up with new construction plans, and getting a view of them from one frame.. why miss the chance?


It is said that, after the construction of Eiffel Tower many people just couldn’t like this structure and wasn’t in any agreement to approve it,  but then this lodestar is one of the highly visited attraction of the world today! Segregated in 3 levels (and bless yourself so that you get to access all the 3 levels, as during season time there is a restriction on maximum number of people to be allowed at the Top level) the upper you go, better the view of the city gets. The first two levels are usually easy to access. Apart from the postcard view, there are restaurants, souvenir shops inside to enjoy more time and shade your wallet!! Walk around the place, enjoy taking pictures (pray for the weather to be clean, otherwise your hard-work is washed off like mine); there is no time restriction once you are inside so you can stay as long as you want till it’s opened of course!!

The third level of Eiffel Tower is very important and sui generis, it’s the highest access point of the tower and gets really narrow (don’t worry about safety, it’s all good and tended), but the city looks like a colourful chessboard from here. The day I visited, it was a dull grey day and the sky was crying like anything. There was a thin layer of chiffon stratus flowing all over the city blocking the picturesque view of the big beautiful Paris.

Paris did show me her mischievous side and though I am a fan of bright shiny Yellow, to some extent, I did enjoy the steamy look of the city from that height. Though there are tourists all around, you are trying to find your frame to capture few precious moments excluding others; it’s really worth going up there. Morning or night whichever part of the day is favourite to you, do give a visit (the place is opened till 11 pm at night), you won’t be upset at all.  

There is also a small museum kind of room at the third level, which is interesting to peep inside from the window while you take round of the place.

Views of Eiffel Tower:

Once you are done exploring the tower from inside, it’s some view time (I am considering morning in this case, if you want to visit the Eiffel tower at night, then capturing Eiffel tower from various corner of the city has to be before-head, or on a clear weather you may also try sunset time). There is a quite popular park across, called Champ De Mars, just keep taking a walk around, also keep looking at the Eiffel Tower, you will love the difference of appearance from various sides and distances. Also, while you are on the way to the entrance of the tower, where you can’t help but feel like a puny do capture those embarrassing moments (as it is I am short, what more harm would it be!!), Don’t forget to pose yourself as well!

Next… If you are going for Seine river cruise, the Eiffel tower will be right behind the cruise terminal.

Paris by Night: Eiffel tower from Tocadili palace

Saying all these, your trip will still be unfinished if you don’t see the city by the night and all the more if you don’t see The Eiffel Tower by night. It’s very very important for your lovely memories. You just have to trust me blindly here (or with eyes open!!)!

The best place to see the Illumination of Eiffel Tower is from Tocadili Palace. You can stand close to the Eiffel tower (Mind you, it will be bees crowded), but from a distance and from a little upper height, the view is a killer, especially the illumination show. From 7 pm onwards, there’s a 5 minutes twinkling glitzy lighting show takes place every hour as the big tail of the clock strikes 12. You can stand at the edge of the palace and can find so many heads standing in front of the tower; I was happy to see it from the Tocadili Palace. Eiffel Tower by night is equally mesmerising as the morning view, so the moral is, Eiffel Tower can’t be a onetime visit but surely has to be a two-time visit.

Entry fee: You are just not allowed without a ticket inside Eiffel tower. You may pre book you ticket, especially for 3rd level, which is permitted to enter based on time slots. You may also buy the ticket for first two levels directly from the counter.

Ticket cost may vary from USD 12.00 – 15.00 per person.

That’s all I have for Eiffel Tower.. more posts on Paris will follow soon.. keep safe…

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