My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- One Full Day at Louvre Museum, Paris

** Tour to Louvre Museum, Paris & an Evening cruise to the Seine River **

Nothing.. I say Nothing can surpass the popularity of this place, Louvre Museum is world’s largest art museum. Formerly known as the Louvre Castle and the Kings residence the building was converted into a museum during French revolution. This museum showcases one of the highest collections of art and receives one of the highest numbers of visitors per year. Sure thing! Is it?


As said, initially this premises was being built as the primary residence of the king during 12th century, the edifice  covers a huge area and it’s very easy to get lost inside. Art lover or not, Art aesthete or dilettante.. This museum will make you speechless. A gentle blend of modern architectonic and historical art, I could spend all the time in front of that glass pyramid at the entrance! But being confident enough that inside, there would more surprises waiting, I carried my excitement there!

And it is!! The Louvre museum is vast in terms of it’s space, the entire collection of the museum is divided into 8 curatorial departments and always packed with tourists and few other unidentified unwanted non-tourists as well. So, be careful of your belongings and set yourself for this journey across the building.

Photography is freely allowed inside; hence you can take as many pictures as you want without disturbing the crowd. Keep looking right-left and up, the walls are full of frames. It takes lot of time to finish each division and in case you don’t want to roam the entire day, then like many others you can visit the most acclaimed painting for centuries by the inimitable late Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, ‘The Mona Lisa’. Mind you, it’s not easy to meet her, the picture is under high security and visitors aren’t allowed to close vicinity of the lady so easily, however if anyone wants to take a picture with her, he/she has to wait in the queue for as long as it may take and only one person at a time is allowed to come near her. If you are somebody like me (you know impatient, restless!), be happy to take the picture from a distance then. Though the place is touristy, crowded, Louvre Museum is one of it’s kind and one visit does make some difference.

There are shops inside the museum if you want to buy souvenirs, gifts or chocolates etc. as I mentioned earlier, a full day is a must to see this museum, get engrossed and remember it till life.


  1. Entry ticket required, starting from about 13 EUR.00
  2. Audio guide available inside the museum, which is necessary if not mandatory for a tour of the place
  3. Be careful of your belongings (including your children & partner!!)

Evening Seine River cruise:

An hour on the long, slick and sophisticated boat cruising on the River Seine, is so fantastic provided the weather is clear. Evening cruises are always a soothing experience at any city; when it’s the city of trend and fashion; it has to be mind-blowing, isn’t it? The cruise on Seine River in simple words is very beautiful, but I did face scattered heavy rain in between, but still it was enjoyable. The cruise has 2 decks, the lower deck of course is covered and better seating arrangement with ear phones available to know the history of the city along with looking by the side to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. But surely the better option is the open upper deck with a clear view of the city. Enjoy some breezy time watching over the city landmarks, monuments, palaces, locals or in one word the real Paris city life.

** Ticket Required**

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