My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- Touring #Paris City

When it comes to Paris, a friend of mine keeps uttering the words like ‘magical city’, ‘a city as mystical as a woman’(Hey what exactly does that mean huh!!)!! Borrowing his words, to an extended extent the city, Paris is really stunning. Before arrival to the city, I did receive many variances though; ‘this city is so crowded’, ‘not worthy’ and blah blah!! Hey any popularity will have it’s own ever-growing admirers and critics at the same time, and yes for sure there are other beautiful places in and around France as well (cheap/ expensive that’s not the point!) but how about this particular city in France we are talking about!!

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My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- Eiffel Tower Visit, Paris

No matter how much people say that Paris is touristy; Eiffel Tower, though an age-long historic engineering, it is always over-crowded or what so ever.. a onetime visit has to be made to this world-famous long lattice construction, while in Paris; otherwise how will you appreciate the city!! Paris is an ornate metro city, there is the old medieval look at one part of the city, and then there is another modern side which is coming up with new construction plans, and getting a view of them from one frame.. why miss the chance?

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