Love Made Me Self-ish…

#BlogHop #30ColoursOfLove

“Love is red, love is blue, love is me, love is you..” some food for thought!!

How about…

Love is strong, love is rude,

Love is so much me,

That everything else can be screwed!!

So brash isn’t it???

Ok let’s try a gracious approach..

Love is attraction, love is perseverance

Love makes me, love is my inherence.

Love is, my dreams flowing like opaline bubbles,

Love is the compassion I have, to hold them All

Within my palms so wobbled..

Better?? Well it has to be.. as someone has rightfully said.. “Accessories make everything better!!” No matter how unambiguous a person we wish to be to others, delusion and undefined human behavioural theories are intimately enmeshed with each other, we have to accept; thus as a result a little passive expression, little sparkle of ornate words give a feel-good comfort to our souls always adrift..

Is my expression of words confusing you?? Well my Beloved Reader.. let’s not forget that the word ‘LoVE’ itself has ‘VE’ embedded in it.. so whether it’s gonna be ‘+’ or ‘–‘ ; it’s up to your contemplation!!

Mischievous am I?? That’s one of my many middle names!! So till the time you read this.. You have to put up with me!!

Coming back to the subject.. Love.. I am really not good with this one.. actually I am no good with this one particular subject at all (what am I doing then!!).. but there has been spring (or springs!!), days filled with thick Nimbostratus, including evenings and nights, flaring summers.. So I am quite seasoned ehh!! But those stories some other time or may be never at all..

And by the end of this small but broad whimsical bridge, I am all wicked, little dim-witted, so full of wild-hearted derision and there’s also room for some melting warm ‘Love’…

My heartbreaks have always manifested one thing.. (not necessarily from some squick stranger!!).. have you heard of Ikigai??? Well, as per Wikipedia, it says “a reason for being”, “that which makes one’s life worthwhile”. Finishing the sentence herewith.. My heartbreaks have always manifested one thing in me, My Own being, the ‘Me’ in me coming closer to my own self in a new or unknown way.. Confused?


In one word, we call it Self-Love.. How many of us talk about it? How many of us want to believe it from the core of our heart and accept it? If parents are important, if friends are important, if children are important, if husband-boyfriend-girlfriend (your own or someone else’s, doesn’t matter) is important.. then why not ME?? The very Person to whom others are so important??

Bumptious, do I sound!! You know what? It’s OKAY.. may be my bumptiousness will shake you a little and if it does, this subject matter of this post makes sense, and if it makes you think for a while, I am all triumphant my love.. You know what I think.. No.. What I really believe in? If I love myself, I can love others; if I can understand myself, I can make better effort to understand others the way they want may be; if I can spend some time with myself, I can willfully give time to others, I can make honest commitment to others. You will call it candid.. I say it’s a gospel so brusque but if accepted quite an effective one.

My beloved, beautiful reader.. Yes, everything matters around you, but more than that YOU also matter to yourself, and not for one random ‘day of love’, every day, every moment You should matter to yourself. May be a cup of shaam ki chai at your veranda lost in your own thought, finishing one whole MacD extra cheesy burger all by yourself without passing the ketchup or wiping your toddlers face for once, sleeping an extra hour on Sunday without any request for early breakfast or.. by the opinion of this dotty mulish girl.. take a break and go on a #Solotrip altogether!!

Did I give you something to think about? Then think.. and promise me to Love yourself little more to bring a newer version of you every day.. These are not just words.. these are the heartfelt realisation of a Solo Lady Traveller, being set forth upon you..  

Happy ‘New You’ Day may I say!!

*** This blog post is part of the ‘Petals of Love’ Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath aka ‘The Saffron Story Teller’.

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