Wheat Flour Momo

Momo can be an all time snack for any of us, but I guess, everyone will also agree that it’s better and easier to eat Momo at a restaurant or from the street food corner. Time saving and hassle free!!

I mean kneading the dough, cutting them into pieces, rolling them into a circular sheet and shaping them nicely.. I still haven’t even considered making the filling and the sauce.. It’s way too many things to do!!

But then, we are talking about healthy eating and home cooking. Though irksomely tiring, and time in such cases simply flies like a falcon, there’s still a go pink joy when things, after all these effort, come together.

SO , I say, try making Momo at Home at least once, and do everything from scratch, even the serving sauce, trust me you will be the star of that moment. Below are the links from where I took my inspiration, and I will tell you where and whether I made any changes while cooking:

Tomato Sauce:

I followed the recipe of @BharatZKitchen, and it really turned out to be flavours dancing on the taste-buds. Only, instead of dry red chilies, I chose green chilies (A. I didn’t have the dry chilies available & B. I prefer Green chilies more over the dry red chilies). Tips I would suggest:

  1. Be patient till the tomato paste loses all it’s water while simmering in the pan, that brings out the taste.
  2. Using cornflour gives a good consistency to the sauce, so I recommend it.
  3. One more thing I added to this sauce, to balance the taste and to cut the sourness, I put a little bit a rock sugar. (You can also use, coconut sugar/ jaggery powder or if none of these are available then a bit of sugar) [I tend to avoid sugar in my food, but I’m not against it.. so never mind!]

Soya Filling For Momo:

Taking inspiration from @SanjeevKapoorKhazan, I used Soya keema, spring onion, finely diced carrot, little bit of grated ginger, a bit of chili & soya sauce and seasoning. I didn’t have lemon grass, so I skipped it, but it still tasted slightly smoky.

Momo Dough & Shaping:

I exactly followed @BharatZKitchen to make the dough and shaping the dumplings. Luckily things did turn out moderate. so, nothing additional to add here.

Do share your feedback once you try them!!

@BharatZKitchen Hindi
@Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Inspiration from:

Veg Atta Momo/ Veg Wheat Flour Momo & Tomato Sauce: @BharatZkitchen Hindi

Soya Filling: @SanjeevKapoorKhazana

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