Wayan! Wayan?! Wayan!?

‘Hi, hope you are doing well! Since you are arranging my transfer tomorrow, may I get any contact details of the driver?’

‘Hi Payel, all well! Don’t worry; it’s my husband Wayan, who will come to pick you up. So any problem; let me know.’ Replied my tubby host from the house of Sanur

My first introduction to a Balinese name and no harmful suspicion kicked off on just a mere name. I mean why should it be!

*** *** ***

‘I hope you like your time here and hope you come back to Bali again. Terima kasih (Thank you)’

‘It was great, thank you for the tour.’

‘May we have your name?’ asked the Belgian man.

‘I am Wayan.’

Remember the Belgian couple I met on a sightseeing trip? Our last stop for that day was at the Sacred monkey forest, the guide who gave us a tour of the place was Mr. Wayan.

*** *** ***

I woke up really early, my sweet host in Candisada (a Balinese lady for all time help, of the Dutch lady) served me a sumptuous omelette with some medium toasted bread for breakfast and she didn’t forget the Dragon fruits. Polishing every last grain from the plate and bowl off, I moon walked to the pick-up shelter with my shovel feet for the daylong sightseeing. Two men were already waiting for me, one was a known face whereas, the other tall man with butch cut hair was new.

‘Hello Ms. Paal. Good Morning. How are you?’

‘I am good. Thank you. How are you?’

‘I am good as well. So you are ready for the day?’

‘Hope I am.’

‘Ok, I have some urgent work, so I have to go home. I have arranged another driver for you. He will be your guide for the day. Okay?’

‘I guess it’s fine. Hello.’

‘Hello, May name is Wayan and I will be taking you to places today. Are you ready?’

‘I very much am ready. Wayan!’ Hope I heard correct!!

*** *** ***

And the suitcase was locked, last thing to go inside the backpack was the sipper, not leaving anything behind, shoe less tied like a pro, it was time to go back home. The car was waiting for me, my sweet host from Candidasa bid me a ‘Safe journey’..

‘Have a safe flight. Do come back again.’

‘I will.’

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‘He will drive you to the airport. See you.’

‘How many suitcase you have Ma’am?’

‘Just one.’

‘Hello, Good morning, you are ready?’

‘If you are ready, I have to be.’

‘Ok, My name is Wayan and you are riding with me today to the airport. Whats your name?’

‘Did you say Wayan?’

‘Yes, anything wrong with my name?’ he reminded me of chubby cute Pooh bear and his pink cheeks lost few shades all of a sudden.

‘No, not at all. It’s just that I have been hearing this name everywhere. Half of the people I met, owns this same name!’

‘Ooh ok, I will tell you the reason, but before that please get into the car.’ And the fuscia glow was back on the cheeks. ‘So, Wayan in Bahasa, you know Bali language is called Bahasa?’

‘Yes I do.’

‘So in Bahasa, Wayan means first. The first son or the big one..’

‘You mean the elder most son?’

‘Yes, the eldest son is named Wayan in many families, that’s why you are getting that name everywhere.’

‘I see!!’

‘The lady told me you are Indian, I like Indian music. I listen to Om chants everyday..’

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