A little Belgium way in Bali

Thankfully I chose cup noodles instead of bread omelette for the breakfast; the car is 30 minutes before time!! And how much should I pat myself for waking up early and getting ready just 5 minutes before the car came. The cup noodle was ready to eat which I would be having inside the car!! Let’s explore you Bali!!

It was my 3rd day in Bali and I was to go for a full day sightseeing, for which the car came before the given pick up time. It was a shared tour which means there would be other people in the team and I was curious to meet my co-passengers than excited or interested as the last two would be a depending factor in my doesn’t-know-how-to-get-along-with-people case.

Is this the driver, he looks so baby.. What’s the minimum age requirement to start working in Bali by the way!!

“Hello, good morning Ms. Paii-yell, you have booked a full-day sightseeing with us, I will be your guide for the day. Also, we have 2 more guests sharing the tour with you; I will introduce you to them..”

My curiosity turned into skepticism; two roly-poly jolly faces were greeting me with a good-morning-breakfast smile. (I thought old people like private tour and it’s people like us who want cost saving!!)

So these amazing roly-poly jolly couple reminded me of my parents, only mine are half of their size each. While I expected a next generations’ bracket, I could only wait and watch as at how we progress. About this roly-poly jolly couple, they were from Belgium (Oh Chocolate!!). They came to Bali for a fortnight and already a week was gone enjoying the beach. Both; husband wife are working in Brussels, they have two sons and both are married!! Why am I saying this? Well they told me all these in the very first hour of our drive!!

On the way– They gave a hand

My roly-poly jolly co- passengers were quite chatty, only they were talking mostly with each other, while I was itching to eavesdrop (what if they were speaking something of me or the driver, good if it’s the driver!!) there was no way to understand, c’était français!! I didn’t pay attention to this class in MBA!! So no matter what, God does watch YOU!!

As I said my co passengers reminded me of my parents, they lived up to their job for a bit. Apart from the sightseeing stops, they kept asking me questions in between their own conversation. What kept me thinking for a moment was “Do you want to look around by yourself or you want to stay with us?” [By the way I was on a solo trip here, so I was unaccompanied with this roly-poly jolly and now good couple].

Things were semi-chilled between us; we were perfectly fine at each-other’s company; until it was lunch, they invited me to sit with them; we warmed up with a laughing note. So far our baby driver was really quiet and was only talking when there was no other option but required.

There was a stop where we had to take more than 400 steep steps down to see a waterfall and come up the same way, the roly-poly jolly good uncle agreeably gave up after some time, the lady and I were still struggling as we were adamant to see the falls and the driver for a change to give us a company already had reached the bedrocks. He was grinning at us when we finally reached there and were trying our best to puff as graciously as possible. We (as in all 4 now) began to have our fun time; the roly-poly jolly good Aunt was more talkative and was happier to bring my talkative out.

The tour came to an end by early evening, by this time we all (again 4 of us) were friends, it was time to go back, which is when, the roly-poly jolly good uncle asked the baby driver, ‘hey teach us some bad words in Bahasa? Like the ‘beep’ words?!’

Baby driver: No I should not do that, you will complain to my boss.. (Point!)

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: No no, we are asking you to teach us, we don’t complain. Payel, we are safe right?

Me: What can I say??

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: Aah—we are ok, see.. Come on.. Tech us something!!

Baby Driver: Ok, what do you want to know?

We learnt quite a few ones, from the obvious F to some general. Even the lady taught us ‘Au Dui’ which means something close to acting stupid.

Baby Driver: Ooo even sometimes we say ‘Bojogji’ to our friends.. which is like ‘you are a monkey!!’

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: Bo..  what? Bojo..

Baby Driver: Bojogji..( he started drawing his finger into the air spelling) it’s B, then O, then.. G no J, then..

Me: Ok the spelling is not necessary..

Hahaha.. There was a loud cheer.

Baby Driver: it is B-o-j-o-G-j-i.. it’s not bad bad, but fun kind..

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: ohh, Bojogji, Bojogji, Bojogji.. (and he started singing.. what song!!)

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: Oh, this is when you should shout ‘au dui’ to someone!! Ok we will do it next time!! (A car just whiz passed quite fast avoiding the traffic rule).

Baby Driver: No no..

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: Oh they won’t understand.. it’s French!!

Me: What if they are French?

The roly-poly jolly good uncle: We will be behind the bars and will see the jail of Bali!!

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: Oh see, there.. We should do it, (Next moment) ‘AU DUIII’!!

I couldn’t believe, she pulled the window glass down and screamed her heart out saying ‘Au Dui’!! Jeez!!

All these while and later I was guffawing like a hound (if they at all laugh).. These were crazy people!!

The roly-poly Jolly good Aunt act charged everyone up..

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: Oh, next time we say Bojogji.. I want to use this word.. Only I can hope it’s some tourists who will drive the car.

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: Oh this guy is really ‘Au Dui’.. Come on baby Driver..

“AU DUI” .. The baby driver stopped the car and pulled the window glass down along with the lady and hollered to the passing car.. I don’t know how the people of that car reacted or at all they heard them, but this was unbelievable!! (I didn’t do anything!! I was busy laughing!!)

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: You should do it often.. But don’t do it if you are alone, they may get hold of you and beat you up.. Do it with your friends.

Baby Driver: Yes.. I will tell this to my boss tomorrow morning..

Me: What??

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle & Aunt: Yes Yes .. You should give it a try.. But are you sure she doesn’t know French??

Baby Driver: Yes, I do. And if she asks, I will tell her it means ‘beaut-I-ful Girl’!!

 Me: What if she googles?

Baby Driver: I will say the tourists taught me!! (my discouragement went inside the crusher)

The roly-poly jolly good Uncle: Yes that’s a good answer..

The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: Oh look at that car..


The roly-poly jolly good Aunt: We are doing really good.. You should join us Payel..

Me: I am right behind you, laughing so much..

This went on for whatever remained in that journey.. But the cherry on the top was yet to come. I was the first one to be dropped off and I had to pay for my tour. After handing the cash to baby driver, I called his boss to confirm it and I was ready to disconnect the call immediately as I knew the plan. As soon as the Boss lady said ‘Ok’, a thunder cry came out “AU DUIII”

I still don’t know whether I disconnected the call before or they were faster to convey their gratitude!!

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