Proper Packing Tips for Solo Traveller

Packing for a holiday is an over-boosting and at the same time a brain wracking chore. But, proper packing before going for a holiday is a very very dominant & deciding factor, if done correctly, it’s only travel you get to think of throughout your tour, but if not, well, what can I say, It can be like having a warm beer by the scorching beach!

Well, let’s not think about the ‘Oh Noo!’ part, the glass should always be half full and ready to drink, right? Taking me for an instance, I am a forcefully turned into a well mannered packer, thanks to my Mum for this, of course! So let me share some useful and practical packing tips with you, so that you can think of other far important things while on a holiday, which is about your #travelFun!!

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